• Violence should be banned, Bad example and risky for fighters.

    Violence should be removed as much as possible from our society. Promoting as an activity is a horrible example for kids and teens (that try to imitate), And justifies bullies. Adults who enjoy seeing people beating up each others, Are bad for our society and should be psychological helped, Not incentivised. Fighter take risks for money, They are allured by the salary that would never make otherwise, But oftentimes put their health at risk for the profits of others - authorities should intervene.

  • It should be banned for the better

    Nobody needs to know the concepts of this MMA for everyday life. It would just cause more bums to start hood fights. Its complete blasphemy to our own government. Donald J, Trump may be the worst president in American history, but if he bans this, he would still be a horrible president. Just kidding, Donald 2020.

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  • Ban it ASAP

    Along with the violent mentality, there is research showing that the mysoginist culture in MMA is leading to extremely high rates of domestic violence among the participants; and I would assume those who watch it. It has already been shown that what you watch affects your mentality. Domestic violence impacts children as well and is traumatic experience for all involved that can have significant negative consequences (developmental issues, disease, shorter lifespan). The likelihood of a streetfight is low nowadays since even in violent strucken neighborhoods, guns are usually the leading cause of such violence.

  • Barbaric, promotes violence as a source of entertainment.

    That the participants are willing makes no difference. If people are willing to fight with baseball bats or knives, is that OK? MMA is a barbaric spectacle that promotes violence. Any activity that is illegal on the street should be illegal in the ring as well. I don't think that violence can or should be entirely banned as a source of entertainment, but it should be restricted and regulated. MMA goes too far.

  • It should be banned

    Because loads of little kids watch it and do the same thing. It is bloody and very gory even for adults. It is a extremely bad idea for people who copy it. People might think it is right to fight in the streets but it is extremely dangerous for people fighting to the death!

  • Why Ban Self-Defence?

    Not only are martial arts an excellent way to stay in shape and fight the pandemic of obesity sweeping across the world, But they are an effective way to learn to defend yourself from criminal or other violent individuals. The truth is, There will always be someone out to hurt you, Since the dawn of time there has always been people who enjoy hurting others. The people who enjoy hurting others are exactly the ones we must learn to defend ourselves from.

  • Mixed Martial Arts Should not be Banned?

    MMA should not be banned everyone who gets into in the first place is informed about consequences and both opponents are 50-50 no one is at an advantage or disadvantage. MMA is a challenge and it pushes these fighters to be the best they can be, Now i'm not saying that it doesn't come with injuries but again they knew about this before they signed up.

  • Live or die

    If you learn MMA you will continue to live if a fight happens. You can defed against wepeons if you go to the right place. Watch and learning MMA dosen't make you violent. However, Your home life does. Bad parenting can be a major factor. Remember your there to be there parent not their friend. Would you rather die because you think it will cause fights or live and be prepared.

  • I dont think we shud ban it

    Why would you ban martial arts, say you were walking down the street and someone comes up to you with a knife. Aking for your money and and wallt yes you can just give it to them and come out feeling like a loser or you could defend yourself and walk away with all your belongings i do taekwondo and i know people who have been mugged and if they knew hoe to defend themselves the would still have that 500 buck in their wallet

  • Martial arts is actually more safe than other sports.

    For example, football. Or soccer, as some people call it. In that sort of sport, you can often see players getting angry with each other and hit each other etc. In martial arts, you fight, but without true anger towards your sparring partner. And one more much dangerous sport compared to martial arts is horseback riding, would you rather trust a horse, which is actually a wild animal, how good friend you might be with the horse, you can't trust an animal to 100% to not hurt you. In martial arts, you're in a controlled environment and everyone knows exactly what they're doing. Of course there is stuff to work on, you can find pros and cons in every sport. But to professionally practice martial arts and compete in it, is not much worse than any other sport.

  • People will always want to pit themselves against one another physically.

    MMA is very much a sport which requires prolnged and intensive training. Yes, there have been several highly publicised incidences recently of competitors being severly injured or even dying, but that is the risk that most professional sports cary.
    Your average MMA practioner knows exactly what they're getting into when they get into the octagon and have trained for years to reach this point of excellence. They know the risks, they accept the risks.

  • No it should not be banned!!!!!!!

    Mixed martial arts should not be banned! In this generation there is no clue when someone will attack or try and hurt you. So if you do martial arts you can learn to defend yourself. As a matter of fact I do both Taekwondo and Juijitsu. You never know if youll be attacked. Yes there is the risk of using it at innopropiate times but that should be known when you start i say no! -written by a 7th grader

  • No, mixed martial arts should not be banned.

    There is no reason mixed martial arts should be banned. First of all, the people in the sports are willing participants. Plus, mma has never been proven to be any more dangerous than other sports like boxing. I think that like any other sport, mma has dangers, but it is nothing exclusive to the sport.

  • No, it involves two consenting adults and banning age-old human activities like drinking, using drugs, and fighting just drives them underground and endangers those involved

    MMA is a violent sport. It's not hard to see why people would be concerned. But as it is, the grown men and women who decide to get in the cage can see a good doctor if they think they're hurt. They can insure parts if they want to and they can openly admit that they make their living brawling if they suddenly collapse. They don't have to conceal the fact that they might be sick because they got beaten up. They have a dangerous job that some people may not agree with,but they are consenting adults and their job is not going away because its illegal.

  • The Right to Fight.

    Their is no reason to ban mixed martial arts in a free society. Individuals have the right to play whatever sport, they desire so long as the goal is not to out right kill someone. MMA is of course considerably violent, but it is not a modern gladiatorial game.

    In MMA the individual has a right to surrender whenever they so desire, and no man or woman fights in an MMA match against their will. Every fighter is competing because they have chosen to compete in that event. Free people have a right to live their life as they want so long as they do not infringe on the rights of other people. Free choice in a free society dictates that MMA must be allowed under correct conditions.

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