• Absolutely for legalizing incest between mother and son

    Following a rather bad car accident, my father was left unable to care for us for quite some time and I, as the eldest son, was left to not only attend school, but earn a living as well. I spent much of my time at home working around the house and pitching in wherever I could. My mother and I grew quite close during this ordeal and that escalated into affection being shown that neither of us understood at the time. This led to date nights which one night led to spending the night together in my mother's bed and from there a secret yet absolutely fulfilling relationship which still flourishes today. It's been well over 20 years of taking care of each other's wants and needs and is still absolutely secret. No one is being harmed or doing anything they don't want or desire. It is an amazing feeling fulfilling her needs and her fulfilling mine.

  • Modern hookup society

    I am fully agreeing to the fact that having a child within the family should not be allowed because of the genetic risks. Although with modern contraceptive advances using both condoms and birth control(which lets be honest a lot of women use today), hell even the morning after pill if you want to be completely sure, the "genetics" problem is eliminated. Like I said though deliberately having a child is wrong. Now we know that in today's generation both genders participate in hooking up just to fulfill sexual needs and gain pleasure without pursuing a relationships(ex. One night stands). So if it was purely to bring pleasure to yourself and a loved one without having romance, much in the way to help them out with say a back massage after a long day of work(maybe a bad comparison) then is it really that morally wrong? This isn't something that I think you should look at with your personal judgemental opinion, but with how sex is viewed in modern society which is no longer just associated with marriage and having children.

  • A Matter of Consent, and Age

    As long as the two family members are consulting adults per local legal and social definitions) the adults' behavior is no concern of the State. However, ethical standards still must prevail. The participating family members, e.G. A father and daughter) must consider the impact of the relationship on other members, and on each other. A 50ish widower and his 25 year old daughter would not impact the deceased mother, for instance. But is the dad, in this case, willing to "let go" emotionally and physically if and when the daughter decides to marry? These are issues that must be considered before entering this type of relationship.

  • For me its healthy if its consensual for both party.

    I am from malaysia, Taboo is really strict here, But my constant needs for sex and sexualizing everyone in front of me makes me so frustrated, I am studying and most of my time consumed with classes and assignments. This is when i open up with my mother and she agreed to start with the basic kisses and soft plays to see if we both comfortable with it. We both so comfortable with it, After all i am part of her blood and flesh, We started to having sex and because of my high drive we did 2-3 session everyday, We both very happy with our relationship. Finally we open up with my father and after few days of silence, Finally he agreed and happy with my mothers decision. Its been 5 years and i am 27 years old and my mum is 45. We are still having sex and if my father around, She will finish with him and come back to me. Make sure its consensual and no forcing. She is the who bring us to life, Its her choice to give up herself to her son for their need of lust and sex.

  • Mothers and Sons should be left to enjoy their life

    I am having an affair with my mother for the past 2 years. Having a high sexual appetite I was into affairs and prostitutes and reached my ultimatum with my mother. Thankfully She too was horny enough to succumb to my constant demand. Once she got the thrill of it, We both are enjoying it to the core. We haven't risked ourselves exposing our relationship to my father though. But have fulfilled our wildest fantasies on fancy tours to the beaches. Great going for a beautiful relationship.

  • Mother son incest must be legalized

    In this modern era, Life is too busy. Nobody has time for itself. SEX is a basic need of a body. It relaxes human from frustration and tuff routine. Married ones do sex. But mostly unmarried can't, They get frustrated by not experiencing Sex relief. So if in home, Mother allows him to sex with her, It won't be a big deal, Even her son will feel good and freedom from frustration and will concentrate on his studies and career.
    Best thing of incest is, It remains SECRET between two. Mother should realize this little help can do alot for their son's career and achievements.
    Mother who gave birth him from her vagina, Now feel bad or prohibited to show her body to son. Its strange

    Hope one day, All moms will help their sons Physically and sexually.

  • I haven't done it but i masturbate about doing it everyday.

    I desperately want to fuck my mum, She's 78 and i'm 50, She is still with my dad but confided in me a short time ago that he hasn't fucked her for 3 years, She opened up to me about how she still masturbates as she has needs and desires, Told me she uses her fingers instead of toys but misses intercourse so i'm thinking she was giving me a hint that she is open to me fucking her, I hope i'm right as i'm going to call in to see her in a couple of days and i'm going to re-visit the subject with clear intentions of fucking my mums hairy juicy cunt, I see it like most other broad minded people would, If its consensual and enjoyable then why the hell not.

  • Yes we do

    I've been having sex with my sister for 50 years now. Yes, I have gotten her pregnant several times, So abortion was needed. We've usually depended on my pulling out before I came for birth control. The times I did get her pregnant I intentionally kept my cock as deep inside her as I could to make the chance of pregnancy greater. She enjoys the feel of my cock growing and pulsing inside her when I have an orgasm. I'm now 65, She is 69. Even with lubrication she has some discomfort with vaginal sex now, So we mostly do anal and oral.

  • You should follow your heart, Not some society's standards or stigmas.

    There is no absolute true or false, Good or bad, Or right or wrong in this world. Everything is relative. Therefore, You should do what you want, What you believe is right, Regardless of other people's opinions. However, The most important thing is to remember that every action has its consequences. Should you are prepared for the worst, Then, What could stop you?

  • I agree whole hearty with everyone as long as it is between to consensual

    I have three sister but have only been attracted to my eldest sister since adolescence I have been with many other women and always felt somewhat ashamed of my sexual feelings towards my sister until recently my sister and I are single and there is an age gap or eight years she is 52 and I am 44 and I am going tell of my desires in 2 weeks time I feel that it will strengthen are bond I know I can tell her she is very open minded ad non judgemental. All in all I cannot understand how consensual sex between to adilts can be Illegal

  • All forms of incest are self-centered.

    This notion that incest is all about love is nothing but a lie and a cover-up. Lets face it. People involved in any form of incest are thinking of only themselves. There is much disrespect and manipulation to get what they want. It's sad but very true. Incest supporters are in deep denial of there condition. It most likely goes back into there childhood. Somewhere proper boundaries were broken, and as a result there is some form of abuse.

    People involved in incest try to rationalize and justify there behaviors. To them it's only about getting what they want and that is sex. Nothing else matters. They don't care if they hurt others. I wouldn't be surprised if many people involved in incest suffer from very low self-esteem, self-worth and guilt. But, they will never admit it. Why? Why would they want to give up there drug? They love it! How many times you hear someone that's having sex with a family member saying it the best sex they've ever had? All the time. They don't want to give that up. As a result they stay in there sickness and don't get help. They most likely cannot develop proper healthy relationships outside of family. Why would they want to anyway? They got there family. If a brother wants to go screw his sister even if it's consensual do you really think he cares about her? I don't think so and visa versa. He just wants to get laid, that's it. There is so much disrespect in families involved in incest. Everybody suffers! If there is children involved it's far worst, and not fair to them. So irresponsible is incest.

    I once went on a incest forum, and I was so disgusted but what I read. Here you have brothers, fathers, and others family members, mostly males bragging and posting pictures of there mothers, sisters, etc. Doing various sexual poses saying how great it is to screw them. For the world to see and read. Made me so sick and I felt so much guilt going on that site. They don't love there family. You're suppose to protect and honor your family, not use and abuse them. They are not blow-up dolls!

    One more thing. I like how people who support incest try to justify there behaviors but taking out a couple of Bible verses from the old testament such as Lot and his daughters, Adam and Eve. They say here is the justification of incest, but they are forgetting one very important thing. They are breaking God's Ten Commandments. That's right. Which one? The seventh one "Thou Shalt not commit adultery." They are having premarital sex outside of marriage. Either you believe the Bible as a whole or none at all.

    So, incest in all forms is wrong. It hurts everyone. The family must be preserved. That's why we must have laws to prevent incest. I support them.

  • There are enough people in the world to spend your life with that you do not have to pick a close relative!

    I do not understand why anyone would need to marry a close relative. I could possibly understand a third cousin, but it just does not seem that people should ever think of their relatives in a sexual manner, it goes against the way we have arranged society. Also, in the case in which this couple would choose to reproduce, the children are at extreme disadvantages due to health issues that could plague them, and also due to the strange family relationships that they would have to explain for the rest of their lives.

    Posted by: lachercheuse
  • I oppose incest, and believe it to be inhumane and immoral.

    I oppose incest. Not just for the obvious reason that it is inhumane and gross, but mainly because, unlike the many justifications for murder (the death penalty and overall ignorance), some things cannot be justified. Rape and incest being the two main ones that come to mind.

    Posted by: ResoluteFreeman
  • Incest is harmful

    Consenual or not and no matter age incest is wrong. Children of incest are most often born with physcial deformitites and/or are mentally retarded. If not for the couple then for the child. When something like that happens it is nature's way of saying it is wrong and if incest becomes mainstream it could destroy the entire human race. Incest and wrong and it should be prevented and if it has happened in any form then it should be corrected with pyschological help.

  • Adult incest should not be legalized.

    Adult incest can produce children who have genetic diseases or disorders much more frequently then people who do take part in incestuous activities. It should not be legalized for these reasons.

    Posted by: 54nJerv
  • No, because that is disgusting, and shouldn't even be a question.

    Adults can choose to have sex with their relatives. But, what if it causes, what amounts to, long term childhood abuse? Say, for example, that someone gets pregnant and has a retarded child. That child will suffer the rest of their lives, because of a grotesque act by two consenting adults.

    Posted by: CeIIoBurke
  • When it comes to incest, it should illegal across the board.

    I don't think incest should be legal, no matter how old you are. And, if there is incest going on as adults, it was probably present when the child was little, and that is sick and wrong, and the older person needs to be punished. Under no circumstances should incest be legal.

    Posted by: PointlessElbert47
  • Incest destroys society

    Incest destroys relationships of love and trust. No father should ever
    break the trust and love he has with his child by initiating sex. Our society is built on
    relationships among family and friends and allowing incest would complicate and alter our
    societies structure. Love is a beautiful thing but incest violates nature and society and destroys trust. Incest is in no way beneficial to our modern society and it is therefore ok to condemn and ban incest.

  • Bad for Children

    Incestuous marriage are thinkable only if they are childfree. Otherwise, genetic consequences could be disastrous. The genetic information of two partners too closely resembles each other; that's why bad genes can too easily become dominant. This is probably the reason for the revulsion to such relationships at the instinctual level. One never can guarantee that children will not be born!

  • Choise of this is COMPLETELY sick

    Wow are you serious? Should pedophilia be legalized too? THis is completely sick, even homosexuality is crashing with the laws of nature! A magnethic field with a + and a - pole attracts eachother, while a + and a + does not! Homosexuality is wrong, and INCEST IS COMPLETELY SICK.

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I don't even know if I should put my response in for this..
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Read Forbidden and you'll understand why I'm not sure.
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Most debates on this website make me laugh, this one made me vomit a little

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