Is there any scientific evidence for the Wiccan religion?

  • You don't know what you don't try

    If you haven't tried the Wiccan religion and the incorporation of Magick, it is difficult to say that Magick is real. Once you've experienced it, there's nothing that can convince you otherwise. Science is still a subject that isn't fully discovered yet. As a Wiccan, I can easily say that the metaphysical dealings with energy are a type of science not looked into as much as others.

  • Yes, though hard to find.

    Read the report by H. S. Burr of Yale University, titled "Electrical Characteristics of Living Organisms". Scientific Method, including multiple experiments, that all support the beliefs of many Wiccans. He proved, among other things, that Yeast can literally be killed by gazing at it (because of radiation that exherts from the human eye), and he gave full evidence to support all of his findings.

  • Great Quote: You miss 100% of the shots you don't make (like playing basketball for instance).

    (Here the quote means you need to try something before you say it is impossible.) There may not be scientific evidence for Wicca, but you need to try something before you can judge it, and what was laughed at the same as Wicca 30-40 years ago, is now possible today, and something impossible today will be a part of everyday life 30-40 years later. Science can't explain everything, and some things you need to experience a different way, there is no perfect method of anything, so try Wicca, don't believe it with all your heart and spend hundreds on supplies, but be open to the truth, magick is a skill! You need at least a year of trying to be able to say it isn't real, and you need a year of being able to accept that this is possible, and you will try your best to make it work by doing research and research, and more research just like school. Plus, the research bit is really just stupid. You get your info from your teacher, or from a site, which may have gotten that from a site, and so on, till you get to the people who recorded it, and I would not trust them with my life if they were alive, so why do we trust them to give us the real information? And though they may have wrote the truth, was the truth always interpreted correctly later on, or purposefully changed? We don't know for sure, so we don't know for sure how long any religion may have existed, or anything we don't experience ourselves.

  • God or Goddess is Conscious energy... It's quantum science baby!

    Some Wiccans view deity as the "All" or the "One" with Gods and Goddesses simply names/faces we create to make the "All" more knowable/relatable. Simply put this "God or Goddess" is nothing more than conscious energy, which is completely supported by Quantum Science... Everything is energy. This is also why Shamanism works too... Quantum Physics supports both.

  • Yes, as much as any other religion.

    All the Wiccan religion is about is becoming one with nature and effecting healing of the earth and sometimes ourselves by aligning ourselves through ritual or other practices like meditation. Miracles happen in most religions that can not be explained away by science, and that is the truth with this one as well.

  • Yes and no

    Speaking as a wiccan-yes, it has some scientific similarities to it eg both the spiritual beliefs of wicca and science agree on energy as a life force needed for survival. Energy is the main principle that wicca is based on, and energy in science is a major theme obviously, as well. Science says that energy can never be destroyed-it just changes in form, from a spiritual perspective we may interpret that as- so therefore the living energy of a person is never completely destroyed and reincarnation exists-it's a similar idea of no energy can be destroyed. We believe we can manipulate energy and project that out to the universe by will but not to change another's will or it will come back to us x3, we believe whatever you project comes back to you so you should only project positivity and healing in all your endeavours, I think this is something that could be scientifically proven by psychology and psychiatry-in simplistic terms this could equate to negative mind=negative life events happening and the cycle feeds itself etc. Science will probably never accept religion or belief systems, they will continue to mock and ridicule them, by our belief system that is a pessimistic, ignorant closed minded way to view things and you will never learn what we have and are continuously able to do.

  • Yes, it is spiritual and scientific.

    Wicca does not deny any science. It's about the worship of the metaphysical energy surrounding all living things, as well as the Earth itself. The definition of a 'God' is completely different than that of Christian view. It is the totality of an energy source, named for what it drives.

  • No, there is no support

    Speaking from a scientific and historical perspective, there can be no real tangible evidence for Wicca. It cannot be tested or observed. There are no historical manuscripts to support it. The Bible has prophecy and scientific explanations for nature thousands of years before modern science could explain, that at least helps in that argument. However, Wicca has no such support.

  • No

    Scientific evidence and religion don't tend to cross paths very often, and that's certainly no different in a religion that many of those that practice it don't agree exactly on what it is. "Wiccan" is a very malleable and subjective term these days, it's hard to attribute anything to it with any confidence.

  • No, it is a religion.

    I think the Wiccan religion itself is so splintered into factions that it could not possibly agree on any proofs if they had them. But religion is something that really can't or hasn't been proven, otherwise it would be science or fact. Gravity is not a religion, but if we didn't have evidence for it and scientific explanations we could form a religion around it.

  • No

    Wicca is based on a misunderstanding of ancient druidic and other pagan religions. It is nothing more than a bunch of various traditions that have been cherry picked into forming something that modern adherent find interesting is cool. There is nothing to indicate that the spells or other natural communications are real.

  • No, but there isn't for any religion

    No, I don't believe there is any scientific evidence for the Wiccan religion, but either is there scientific evidence for any other religion. Some incidences recorded in the Christian Old Testament, and in some of the Hebrew books, are supported, such as a great flood at the time Noah would have lived, but this in itself is not evidence to support the tenets of a religion. Religions rely on faith of their members, and I don't believe the Wiccan religion is any different in this regard.

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cant we all just live in peace and truly follow our own faiths by not judging any one.