Is there any scientific evidence that Queen Elizabeth is a man?

Asked by: Ragnar
  • DNA

    Yes I'm pretty sure she's a woman, and there is certainly greater evidence to support such; however...

    1. She contains the X chromosome, also found in men.
    2. The basic structure is almost identical to that of a man. The changes from one to the other are so mild they're little more than cosmetic.
    3. Nipples are there for the production of milk. Men have them and rarely produce milk, the Queen does not produce milk (or rarely has ever produced milk).
    4. Statistically only 15.6% of counties are run by women, giving an 84.4% chance that England is run by a man. This figure is made worse by England being recognized by the United Nations, member nations totaling only 6.2% run by women.
    5. Close examination reveals, that she in fact has a mustache.

    Does this advance it to the theory level instead of a mere hypothesis? Doubtful.
    Yet there remains much evidence to the scientific method, that she's a man.

  • Smells like one, looks like one and dress like one too

    Overall, I'd say she's a manbeast. I can prove this from looking at the spawns that our, 'Queen' has created. All you have to do is look at Prince Charles' ears and you will see she's truely a man.
    God bless our country, and may you hope you aren't taken in the night by this monster.

  • Yes there is

    There is also mounds of evidence that she is a lizard, this can be found true by referring to the very eminent speaker, known as David Ike, Who has shown the royal family to be a bunch of lizard people with the ability to manifest and morph into a great number of various characters, the ability to blend in with the environment is shown by the Chameleon....The royal family are nothing more than cold bloodied lizards who are able to assume both genders and also give Virgin Births. Is the queen a man? She is more than that, she is Godzilla.

  • I saw his penis

    I was in England, enjoying my vacation. I went to a public bathroom and I saw what looked like to be a lady. He turned around quick exposing the penis. His excuse was that the ladies bathroom was out order. Then queen Elizabeth ran out into the street and into her private limo.

  • She's NOT a man

    Who would dare disrespect our lovely Queen with such criticism. It is an outrage and should not be accpected. She is the role model of this beautiful country and even if she wasn't royalty then no humane person should outcome with such rude disrespectful comments. Not unless they had wished it please withdraw any thoughts on this topic and go do something more useful with your life like ban animal testing or equal rights for gay people


  • How could she be a man!

    Who the hell came up with this debate?! How could she be a man? There is only like a 0.99% chance that she is a man. And I am only saying this because I believe that you shouldn't say 100% to anything unless you have solid proof. I'm pretty sure we would know if she was a man...

  • There is zero

    This is a joke question to spur things up (right? RIGHT?) but I'll bite anyway. No, there's nothing to indicate this, somebody would have made it public by now. I have my share of negative things to say about the royal family without some utterly stupid conspiracy theory jumping in, let's move on please.

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