• Enough evidence to consider

    Convincing arguments include:

    -Cosmological argument
    -Morality argument
    -Design argument
    -Fine tuning argument

    The Bible informs that creation declares the glory of God. The universe around came from somewhere, as with time. We have observed that the universe was accorded laws--laws of science--to regulate nature. We see that life was complexly designed. And we also see that people struggle between good and evil.

    Another persuasion is in near death experiences (NDEs) and out of body experiences (OBEs).

  • Yes, there is.

    There is proof that the Hindu God, Krishna, existed.
    People searching the depths of the oceans discovered a long lost city underwater, bearing uncanny resemblance to its descriptions in the Bhagvad Gita.
    Also, there is proof of the Mahabharata war which involved Lord Rama, Lakshmana, Hanuman, Ravana, Sita, etc.
    Excavators found a massive club underneath the ground, the type used by Lord Rama and Ravana in battle. It was as big as, if not bigger, than the crane that lifted it out, and it was discovered that it was made from solid gold.

  • Technically, yes the Sun is, and there is scientific proof that the Sun exists.

    The definition of a god is something worshipped as having power over nature or human fortunes. The Sun, were it not to exist would alter both nature and human fortunes.

    Also the first point is weak, making the assumption a god would act in the same and predictable way of destroying fallacies. If this were even true, we would not know about it.

  • God doesn't exist

    “The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd; indeed, in view of the silliness of the majority of mankind, a widespread belief is more likely to be foolish than sensible.”
    Bertrand Russell (1929)


  • No Reasonable Support

    My main argument during debates such is these is very simple. Why would a god provide his subjects with a means of disproving his existence. Rulers throughout history have destroyed all evidence of their fallacies. Therefore, no information could exist that would undermine them. Science is the very principle that is the key to proving or disproving religion. However, the two combined are a very powerful tool.

  • The God of Toasts

    I found this old toast behind the fridge, and I certainly didn't put it there. Also – the toast had something resembling a (god) face. Certainly that's proof of The God of Toasts. I KNOW (at least I'm pretty sure) there were no toast behind the fridge last week.

    So now that I've presented this proof to you, the burden of disproving The God of Toasts is on you!

  • Would you want evidence?

    Obviously for atheists, the answer for this would be "Yes", but why would people who believe in a god not want it also? I would guess that most theists would want to have some sort of physical evidence but they never insist on it.
    I ask a simple question. What kind of faith do you have? I am not asking what god or religion you believe in but what definition of faith you have. Do you:
    A) Believe you god exists without being shown evidence.
    B) Trust in the religion as being best for yourself and others.
    Clearly you can have one without the other. History if full of people that did exist yet most would not put their faith in them. A person could also find a known fictional character as a good role model. Though most religious people would claim both A and B, what is more important, your faith that a god exists or that his message is good for you to follow?
    It is easy to see that the lack of evidence has caused many to question if their god even exists, combine that with how unjust someone may feel their god's judgement is, i.e. taking away a loved one, it is easy to see how many would loose faith in both aspects. The result has been that religions have become weak over time. Fact is, most religions of the past have become endangered or extinct. They have been replaced by religions that sounded more truthful or better for them. Today, the same thing is happening to the still existing religion, but without a more valid religious alternative. Clearly this is causing the current religions to start their own path toward extinction. If their god does exist, would he not want his people to keep believing in him/her/it? You would think that the best way for the god to save his people would be to prove his existence or else let the faith die out.
    Not that I claim by any means to be a god, but if I was and cared about the souls of my people, I would give them the evidence or better yet, proof of my existence. Clearly, either you god does not care about you or it simply does not exist. Where do you put your faith knowing that?

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