Is there any solid proof of god's existence?

Asked by: Hunter695
  • Of course there is.

    Scientist believe that the world, life, even the universe came from the Big Bang, but that is completely false. For example, the Big Bang suggests that at some moment all of space was contained in a single point, which is considered the beginning of the universe, now let's use our common sense. We want to build a bird house, we have all the tools all of the requirements, but if we don't touch it and we just leave it there then nothing will happen. The Big Bang is the same way. It's impossible for nothing to become something. That when God comes in. If you read about the first 3 chapters in the book of genesis, it will talk about God making the world. By the way I'm a Jehovah's Witness

  • Yes there is.

    Just because you can't see any thing that doesn't mean it does not exist. With the limited knowledge of human beings we can't say that god does not exist. For example you can't see wind but you can feel it, the same way we can feel the presence of a god. If the knowledge of god was like the ocean our knowledge is the amount taken by a spoon.

  • The idea of a Big Bang is not very logical.

    Mass can neither be created or destroyed. That is a scientific law. However, scientists of the day say that is what happened. Therefore, it is a supernatural occurrence. That coupled with the definition of supernatural: (of a manifestation or event) attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature, is proof enough that God exists, because God is: (in certain other religions) a superhuman being or spirit worshiped as having power over nature or human fortunes. The law of of the Universe contradicts itself in its own creation. The only reasonable explanation is that it was created by a God that does not conform to the laws of the universe... A God that made the laws of the universe

  • There is proof..... Kind of.

    For one: If God shows himself real to you. But that is only proof for he to who it happened to. It would be up to the hearer to decided whether he or she is lying or not.
    For two: common sense, logic, and the scientific law of cause and effect. We see the effect of the creator through the creation. He who is not seen, is told by the things that are clearly seen. There is no other good explanation to how the heavens and the earth came to be.
    Evolution is not a good explanation because it is completely improvable and able to be proved false.
    The big bang is complete non-sense. All it does is take everything that exists and compacts it into something microscopic. Making it smaller does not get rid of it. When did it all BEGIN, and HOW?
    The Bible is a VERY good historical reference, as the books written within have many ancient manuscripts written in Hebrew and Aramaic that all agree about 99.9% all the way through word for word and letter for letter. The new testament itself has 365 ancient manuscripts written in Aramaic dating back to the 3rd, 4th, and 5th centuries that agree letter for letter 99.9%
    Do American and world history books have manuscripts that agree like the Bible does??
    And there are archaeological finds that prove that events in the Bible happened. For example, they found the ruins of chariot wheels and chariots at the bottom of the Red Sea. And they also found the ruins of a city covered in burnt sulfur and ash (fire and brimstone): the remains of Sodom and Gomorah

  • Cause and effect

    Ask any scientist if something can take place without there being some force compelling it to do so. Every one worth his salt will respond with the negative. Now if you apply that to the effect of the universe's existence itself most of these selfsame scientists will suffer from intellectual schizophrenia and deny that the law of cause and effect applies here but it does. The big bang implies that all mass was once entirely contained inside one infinitesimal spec, and that suddenly that spec defied the laws of gravity, momentum, and conservation of energy and exploded outwards. Even if this was so, no natural force could possibly be strong enough to propel such an explosion. The only reasonable explanation, and thus, according to Occam's Razor, the only believable one is that it was propelled supernaturally. This proves the existence of God. As to what God/gods you believe are responsible; well that is another opinion. All credits to @Winged. This is a great response, one worth taking a look at and digesting for a little while. For me, i believe god exists due to Jesus Christ, miracles, the bible, intelligent design, logical explanation, john lennox, numinous experience's, everything exists because of something. Jesus Christ's teaching is enough for me.

  • You can't create matter with anything we can possibly understand. It would require some sort of supernatural power.

    You can't create matter with anything we can possibly understand. It would require some sort of supernatural power, this alone proves the existence of some sort of supernatural being. I am a Christian, and I believe that the God of the Bible provides the best explanation for creation. There are questions, as there are questions about any other thing in the universe, but in my opinion, with all of the support for creationism, it requires more faith to be an atheist than to be a theist.

  • Of course there is...

    Science will tell you that life went from nothing to everything we see right now, from 0 to 1, from dead to alive, just out if nothing, an improbable situation decided by chance. Just theories or guessing.

    The bible tells you that life was created by God, no guessing or theories, He did it. He created everything, from plants to dinosaurs to human beings. When we see the complexity of the human being (brains, DNA, eyes) we only see the greatness of our Lord.

    Need any more solid proof?

  • Is science proving facts about scriptures or scriptures stated those facts thousands of years back which science is proving now?

    Laws of science:
    " Mass can neither be created nor be destroyed"
    "Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed"
    "An object at rest will stay at rest unless an external force acts upon it"

    My Question:
    If mass and energy can neither be created then who created them?
    Man? Universe was born before man came into existence.
    Which pretty much makes it clear that an external force came into play.
    If mann and energy can neither be destroyed then where does the life energy goes when we die?
    Science so far failed to give answers whereas religion gave evidences of God and afterlife. That external force being the entity we call God & Allah.

    My second Question:
    If everything stays at rest unless external force acts on it then how the hell Sun rises and moon sets or saying how earth rotates? How the planets revolve around the sun? How does the moon revolve around the earth? Recent discovery proves that our galaxy itself is moving at a particular speed in space. I ask how?
    Science says because an external force acted upon it. I ask what is that force. Science stays quite. Silence..

    Religion then speaks, it speaks of an entity we call God, Allah, Rab...And Zeus..? :s

  • Science is understanding how god works

    To understand god, learn science. For example, you can learn how species pass on traits to their offspring. This method of passing on traits can be used to change the genetic characteristics of a population. Look at pictures of a pug 100 years ago and today to see a quick example of how their genetic makeup has changed in a few generations. Now you know how species change and evolve over time, and you have learned more about god.

  • YES you atheists.

    Look... Just because you lot who are simpletons and have no proof that God doesn't exist but still say that he doesn't are not correct. Go to the Holy Land of Jerusalem and there on Easter you will be proved wrong and given proof that GOD DOES EXIST! Praise the LORD

  • No, not for anything supernatural


    "not subject to the laws of physics" or something said to exist above and beyond nature

    If something is supernatural, then no evidence of it exists. If evidence existed of a god, our entire concept of how the universe works would need to be rewritten. As this "god" was now apart of the confirmed, natural universe.

    Since gods, angels, demons, ghosts, and more are all SUPERnatural, they have yet to be proven.

  • There is no

    Evidence for a god or even supporting a god. In fact, with more advancements in science, people are LESS convinced about a god. Scientists have a higher chance of being atheists, with biologists, physicists, and similar fields having an overwhelming majority of people that are atheists. If there was evidence for a god, you would not expect to see this.

    Posted by: SNP1
  • No Reasonable Evidence

    My main argument during debates such as these is very simple. Why would a god provide his subjects with a means of disproving his existence. Rulers throughout history have destroyed all evidence of their fallacies. Therefore, no information could exist that would undermine them. Science is the very principle that is the key to proving or disproving religion. However, the two combined are a very powerful tool.

  • Religion is a form of control exerted by charlatans and people of weak minds

    In years past people worshipped rocks and trees then the sky god came along and numerous stories collected and plagiarized from early tales religion was formed , what annoys me most is that because science cannot explain everything that has happened over millions of years all we hear is that "therefore god must have done it" Really is that your best argument,
    Intelligent design theory ok answer some Questions
    How old is god ?
    Who created god ?
    Did he create atoms,
    Did he create the universe
    What does he actually do at this present time (exactly the same as if he didn't exist)
    Why does he let innocent children die
    If he's such a just fair god why does he demand that people get down on their knees and worship him ?
    Why does he forgive murderers and paedophiles if they repent they go to "heaven" yet someone who devotes their lives to helping others in a "Christian"way Will go to hell if they don't kowtow to his omnipresence
    If something fortuitous happens its a "miracle" if it's bad mankind has brought it upon himself
    Why did he turn lots wife to a pillar of salt for looking back or don't we count the old testament because it's obviously nonsensical
    We believe in religion because we are indoctrinated from birth and we have intellectually advanced so much that we question why we are here the answer is to be found in science not in some imaginary sky fairy

  • No true evidence

    Simple answer is no. You can believe what you like, that is the only thing that is real. Any thing in the bible can be explained by science, ancient alien theory, or mental illness(people hearing voices and burning bushes) Point being you can believe what you like but don't expect your truth the be the only truth. There are a lot of good morals that can be learned through religion and on the flip side there is a lot of evil that can stem from religion. It would be nice if we all could live forever in a paradise Eutopia, but think about it...Then what?

  • Assuming we are referencing the "Christian God"...

    I noticed a poster mentioning the Bible holding a good historical reference, but it depends on what you justify as credible. To me, inconsistencies nullify credibility. The Bible has stories describing supernatural events that do not align with how the laws of nature. Look no further than the popular "virgin birth" referenced in Matthew - conception without fertilization. Even certain laws described in the Bible have been cast in the shadows of modern Christianity. Why are adulterers no longer put to death as described in Leviticus? Due to the overwhelming amount of inconsistencies, I do not choose to use this text as a reliable source of moral code or factual evidence.

  • There is not solid proof yet.

    Right now the only evidence man has to go on is the written word of man. The existence of god cannot be proven as its held by a faith. Until, we start to unlock the deeper secrets of DNA, and Quantum physics our proof of god will not be obtainable in a scientific model. Also, note Occam's Razor is a guide for Hypothesis creation and not a method of proving anything.

  • There is not solid proof yet.

    Right now the only evidence man has to go on is the written word of man. The existence of god cannot be proven as its held by a faith. Until, we start to unlock the deeper secrets of DNA, and Quantum physics our proof of god will not be obtainable in a scientific model. Also, note Occam's Razor is a guide for Hypothesis creation and not a method of proving anything.

  • Neither the Bible, nor your lack of understanding of science, is proof

    For all you christians out there, a book is not proof. That is like me holding up "The Lord of the Rings", proclaiming Tolkien a prophet, and then saying that it is historically accurate. Complete nonsense.

    And neither is your lack of understanding of science. You are not scientists, therefor you cannot argue like one. Don't spout laws of physics and the big bang theory until you can actually describe how they work. In detail.

    Also, the basis of science is to try to understand more. Religion explains everything in one nice, neat package. Or at least tries to do so. That is why it originated. Early humans wanted to know why it rained. Science attempts to answer these questions through logic and study, and does not hold the answers to everything. Once it does, well, then we will be gods.

  • Still no proof

    There's a JW and an evolutionist and still no proof. How can anyone call themselves a witness to Jehovah, when you live in my time and witnessed nothing. You'd probably be better off calling yourself a follower of Jehovah. Why does my existence have to be accredited to a God? If that's true, I'm a god too. I created my child. For that matter a seed that turns out to be a tree must also be a god. Maybe what theists should do is to ask their god to explain the Big Bang. Maybe he created the Big Bang...

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This is like saying we have no solid evidence of EVOLUTION.
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And second do you people have anything to do with your lives beside this. Most likely the answer would be nooooooo