• Only in certain aspects

    In terms of strictly living? Nope. We'll all die someday

    In the metaphysical (spirits)? Yes. Assuming that spirits are real, they don't ever die

    In the remembrance? Possible. There are some people who lived the life and affected the entire world in their lifetimes. Hitler is infamously immortal. MLK is famously immortal. They'll always be remembered

  • I say it does exist just underskilled for current skill for people to gain true Immortality that is but we will learn it in time.

    But when is the Major Question? And I feel once we do learn this beautiful skill we wont need to worry about dying but instead we'll worry about living and living good and helping others maybe but others would taint this skill for darkness which would be very bad .

  • Yes, our spirits live on

    Yes, humans are eternal spirits temporarily encased in flesh. The physical body will grow old and die, but the spirit is immortal; the spirit will live on. Physical immortality, however, is not possible. If someone dreams to keep their body young and pretty forever, well, let's just say they will be disappointed.

  • Perhaps one day in humans, however...

    Now if we are speaking immortality in the sense that, injuries and disease will never kill someone, then no, that kind does not exist, however, immortality in the sense that someone could live forever, assuming they never are killed from injuries, yes. There is a jellyfish, that can actually rearrange it's cells, going from adult, back to youth, and it can repeat this process forever, living, forever, assuming as stated, no injuries or diseases kill it.. As for humans, aging is caused by free radicals damaging our dna and other cells, if we can find a way to prevent and reverse the effect, we could live forever as well.

  • Of course.

    It is true. Immortality does exist. Immortality is but a state of being. A human being has an eye, yet is at the same time a blinded creature. Only an Immortal can truly know of his immortality. A human being may be able to end the movements of a mere body, but the spirit within that controls the body has no end. Therefore, Immortality is what We are. Humans are just so susceptible to doubt that they much rather would dwell in fear and weakness than to grasp on to a concept of true power.

  • There is no Immortality

    No one can be immortal in the traditional sense of the word, because everybody dies. But their good deeds and words, and even the bad things that they partook in, will live on in the memories of the people who were close to them. The father that died in Vietnam will be remembered by his children, his name will be carved into the war's memorial wall. The son who dies from Cancer will have his legacy passed on by his parents, his siblings, to his nieces and nephews who will always be conscious of who had to suffer to remind them that no one is invincible.

  • In our reality?

    It's difficult to say yes to this but it also doesn't seem appropriate to say no. We've yet to finish uncover our entire universe to determine whether or not immortality is merely a word to contradict mortality. We can say, however, if the quantum theory is deemed to be true, that what kills us here does not happen in a parallel universe. So perhaps in an alternate reality immortality is among the common ways of being.

  • Depends on the Definition

    It would be easy to answer "no" on the basis that on a long enough timeline, anyone that has been born will inevitably die as far as the flesh and blood is concerned. However, immortality can be obtained by remembering the legacy that person has left behind. Is Abe Lincoln immortal? How about Babe Ruth? Marilyn Monroe? They will never be forgotten - thus, they could in essence be immortal.

  • Immortality is certainly a thing

    Nothing can be created. If that is true, then immortality must be true. Everything is or was, something else. If you die, what happens? Will you ever find out? No, you'll never know. You don't know what happens when you die, so you can't really know if you're actually dead or not, you just aren't with other people that are seemingly alive.

  • Yes, Immortality exist for the spirit.

    Everyone has a spirit and the spirit is the immortal part of human beings. The spirit will live forever. The human flesh is not immortal and is subject to decay and death, no one lives forever. However, when our bodies do die, our spirits leave and our spirits live forever. So yes that is a such thing a immortality.

  • All things shall pass

    Even the universe may not be eternal, so how would we expect anything lesser than the universe to be eternal? A leaf that outlives the tree?
    As for memories? Really? Even given that in a very short period of time it's very likely no humans will exist, who will remember the deeds of anyone

  • Because we die

    Eventually we start to loose memories and then consciousness. What we are made of is organic material that can be decomposed. It is true that people that remember that person will remember them but what about the people that didn't know of them? Defining immortality is living forever in what we see through fictional stories. It's a good way of seeing things through grief but not physically true.
    I wish that true about some things thought, like food.

  • Impossible.

    Based on the definition of "Mortal", which means being subject to death, then no, immortality is not possible, as a mortal being is subject to death, so how can it also be subject to never dying? The word immortal has been conceived to create myths such as god figures, and to define which that cannot die, but if something cannot truly die, then it was never truly living in the first place. However the word Immortal has grown other uses, and can be used in cases such as "immortal in memory" or, "immortal words". These don't have the possibility to die or live, because these never had a living life. A better word to describe this case would be "Everlasting".

  • Memories are not reality

    It is interesting and sort of sentimental to suggest that, because we remember, say, Lincoln, he will never die, but that is simply inaccurate for primarily one major reasons. For starters, memories are not reality. If I remember that you did awesome stuff, that doesn't inherently mean that you did; because the human memory system leads to a misrepresentation of the subject of said memory, this is not a reliable argument.

  • No, not at all

    All things will eventually die or fade away. Nothing is invincible or immortal. That is why life is so precious and we need to take care of our selves. They might find ways to prolong someones life but they will never be able to make some one stay alive forever or make something that will not deteriorate.

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