Is there any validation to the belief that this generation is the worst?

Asked by: joe98
  • The World Went Wrong Somewhere

    Teen suicide rates have tripled. Violent crime levels among adolescents have risen over 500%. Unwed teen pregnancy rates are through the roof. Casual drug use among teens has gone up more than 50% in only the past four years. Music videos, song lyrics, violent video games, where did the world go wrong?

  • Yes, In A Sense

    Practically every generation will say that the next generation is "worse off" in some aspect, and every generation is correct in some aspect. This generation is incapable of achieving some of the feats of the last generation, and we will continue to grow less independent as time progresses. Every generation relies a little bit more on technology, and a little bit less on personal ability or knowledge. The customs are lost, and new customs are formed. That is the long and short of it. It comes down to technology and human interaction.

  • Teens and adults

    This generation is like any other generation but with technology. The parents have became so lazy with their own world where they abandon their kid and don't give them the attention they need growing up. Teens on the other hand are so lazy with motivation. They barely try these days and rather get in trouble. Parents barely care whether you get in trouble or not. This generation is just setting up another lazy generation to be worse.

  • Its a networked intelligence/ And is the bar really that high

    Every thought and idea is shared on some sort of social media. Its then commented on, scrutinized, different viewpoints are absorbed by everyone reading, and if good points are raised, someone will change their mind.

    Its an objective peer review process that would previously only be found in a scientific setting, now any young person can form a consensus with a virtual think tank. There really is no better advantage in a democratic state than the ability to collectively form a consensus on any issue, no matter the controversy, it almost makes all the congressional bureaucracy kind of redundant.

    And come on, the babyboomers, is the bar really so high.

  • Wash, rinse, repeat.

    As much as I don't identify with "this young generation", they have their fads, their styles, and it isn't problematic. They aren't all having sex, being violent, lacking intelligence... Though the ones that do " shine", which I'm sure was my generation's case as well. The argument that this is the "worst generation ever" exists since Plato, and will probably never go away.

  • It's completely invalid

    Well seeing as most previous generations before the late 20th century openly engaged in actions like misogyny, slavery, sexual relations with children, murder, racism and so on, I'd say that this generation is pretty tame compared to everything else pre-21 century. Stuff like that still happens of course but now there are laws to prevent most actions related to those I've named (of course I am referring to first world countries). People just see how fast we are developing and how life is more luxurious for some and they equate that to less hard working and being lazy. Any one who says that they rather be born in a different generation other then now is a complete moron with the exception of a white redneck southerner or a blond hair blue eye guy cause those are the only people who really benefit from being born in previous generations.

  • This has been said about almost every generation in human existence and not once has it been true

    The statement that this generation "lazy" is in my opinion the most student one I can think of, we work more hours and are more educated that our elders so how are we the lazy ones?

    We've had to find employment in one toughest job markets in the world and continue to live through the effects of the world financial crisis which was caused by the vary people calling us inferior. We have higher IQ's on average and contribute more to society than the former generation ever did.

    This is the natural cycle of humanity, the next generation will be smarter, better educated and more productive than us just as we are to the former generation.

    People have been saying for so long and yet still continue to spout the same old tried line that "humanity is doomed because the next generation terrible".

    I suggest you view this quote and see if you agree with it

    "The children now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise."

    Do you agree with this? Well that was a quote by Plato in 400-300 BC. Even a man as intelligent as Plato had this idea because this superiority complex seems to be engraved in all of us and that has to change, I hold great confidence in the future generation and am happy to a part of this one.

  • The vendetta older generations have against us is BS

    I feel as though the hate towards my generation is unwarranted and downright unoriginal. Yes sometimes we do stupid things, but older people did stupid things too; who hasn’t? The ideology that “faith humanity is lost” is an extremely pessimistic viewpoint that could’ve easily been put on any period in history

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