• Sandy Hook is Conning Newtown

    Sandy Hook is Conning Newtown
    summarizing evidence to the tune of
    Santa Claus is Coming to Town :)

    James Fetzer, PhD is a retired Professor Emeritus from the University of Minnesota and USMC veteran. Wolfgang Halbig is a retired Police Officer and School Administrator. They are investigating Sandy Hook.

  • CAPSTONE Drill. F.E.M.A. D.H.S. A.T.F.E. F.B.I. C.I.A. D.A.R.P.A. U.S.P.O. (u.S. Army) MOSSAD. I.D.F. SERCO Local & State Law Enforcement. Local & Federal Government. Criminal Politicians

    Staged event in the form of a CAPSTONE Drill & carried out by the above mentioned.
    All official reports contradict factual evidence & seem to be nothing more than manufactured fabrications.

    Not one speck of actual evidence that any children were killed, none, nada, 0 !

  • H. G. Wells

    The Supporting headline says it all. When this was read over the radio in 1938, it scared the holy living sheiat out of the Americans tuned into their radios that night. Just imagine what a little camera action would do these days to the "Its on TV, i see it happening, it has to be true!" Have you ever been to a magic show? Have you seen one on TV? This is a scam by the leftists to begin the war on the 2nd amendment. THINK, just think.

  • No Helecopters. No injured

    I live in a small town. They sent a helicopter from 35 miles away for a lady that had an attack (and later died). She died a block from a hospital and they still sent a helicopter. No lifeline helicopters for 26 people? Finally, all deaths and no injuries? A navy seal might be able to do that but a skinny kid?

  • Do your own research.

    I am not an American but was curious regarding the Sandy Hook "tragedy" due to the amount of people believing it to be a hoax, I myself was not a believer at all in the beginning. After obtaining information and media coverage of the incident my opinion changed, do your own "honest" research, put yourself in the places of the people involved, look at face expressions and actions of parents and others "affected", remember the technology available today such as cctv, satellites, and forensics. Too many coincidences, facts and times don't add up - something is definitely not right. I think that if people spend some time, and do so open minded, on researching Sandy Hook they too will come to a conclusion that we are not being told the truth.

  • I think we are beyond validating...

    It would seem the evidence is suffice to now move past this being a debate of "Did it happen or not". Clearly there is overwhelming evidence and enough that would hold up in a court of law that it was a staged event, so the question is now, what can be done? How do we punish those responsible and hold them accountable? The people that don't believe have simply not looked into the evidence to make up their own mind. Let's face it, people don't want to be fooled and some people can't allow themselves to believe it. In my mind the debate is over, put forth this much evidence in any trial and Guilty is the only plausible verdict. So instead, let's move past the debate of if it's true or not, and move on to what we can do about it...Yes?

  • Where is Adam Lanza's father Peter Lanza?

    This guy's son supposedly gunned down several children at an elementary school right after killing his mother, Peter's former wife. Why hasn't the media made any attempt to locate this man and demand answers for his son's terrible actions? They sure had no problem doing that with Casey Anthony's parents and that pales in comparison to this whole situation. I have seen little news snipets claiming coversations with the man (off camera, of course) and an interview with the infamous Robbie Parker and his wife claiming that they met with him face to face, but not so much as a photo of this man after the incident occured. One would argue that he is an innocent victim in all of this and that he is entitled to his privacy and security, but I would contend that he had a responsibility to be a part of his child's life and failed at that. He didn't even see him in the 2 years prior to the alleged shooting so why isn't anybody in the media holding this guy's feet to the fire for being a terrible absentee parent. Maybe that was part of the reason why his son eventually snapped. The media should be all over this guy and you would think that somebody would have cornered him by now, but after 2 and a half years there is nothing. This is the question that I don't find a lot of people asking and I'm trying to understand why. Peter Lanza, in my opinion, is the missing link in all of this, an until his mug appears on camera, I'm not buying the official narrative. If he is truly a legitimate, real person and the father of this weirdo, then he needs to come forward and address the millions upon millions of sceptics, myself being one of them.

  • Burden Of Proof

    Like any trial, the burden of proof is on the prosecution. In this case, the prosecution is asserting that a lone gunman killed 26 people, his mother, and himself. Should be a relatively simple task considering the circumstances. However, other than being told what happened, I haven't seen or been able to find ANY physical evidence (ie photos of dead children, video of shooter, etc) to date. All I can find is one clue after another that it was a hoax. Moreover, the folks who think it did happen simply berate others as conspiracy theorists, yet never produce any evidence to support their position. To those who believe this event was real, please show me some real evidence or respect others who are pointing out undeniable facts to the contrary. The burden of proof is on you.

  • Sandy Hook was a hoax

    The parents attitudes HOURS after their child was allegedly shot to death by a spree killer. Websites that existed before the event asking for donations for the victim's families. Evidence showing the school was not in operation since 2009. Crisis actors who were spotted at other fake events on the news all over the Sandy Hook area that day......

  • Evidence!! Don't confuse me with facts like the donation sites being up before the "event". No evacuations of students that day.

    Check the Social Sec. Database. Not one student shows up as deceased. That's because the names or the students weren't real in the first place. These sheep that say this really happened have not looked at the preponderance of the evidence that exists. An elaborate drill at the expense of mere millions of dollars and countless anti-gun propoganda.

  • Of course not.

    All conspiracy theorists are people whose minds are too small to accept the idea that little unknown people can cause big historical events...Conspiracy theorists routinely reject media sources that show evidence that is contrary to their absurd claims, but the minute one of those very same media outlets makes a mistake, then all of a sudden it must be true and the slip up is evidence of something far more sinister at works. Conspiracy theorists are the biggest idiots you can find who use their imagination better then their ability to use reason, there is absolutely no validity to Sandy Hook being a hoax.

  • The Hoax theory Comes From the Usual Non-Credible Suspects (i.E. The uneducated and low socioeconomic demographic)...

    Like many hoax theories, we have to look at the source of the skeptics. Invariably, they fall within low socioeconomic groups (minimum wagers, at best), with little education (typically high school diploma, if that), from regions with little to no access to superior educational resources. Put that together, and you have a cocktail of angry, embittered, disenfranchised people who want to point fingers and blame - specifically, they try to undermine a government, or group of people, or society, which they feel has wronged them (i.E. They view the world in a myopic and angry manner: Why don't I have money? Why am I living paycheck to paycheck? Why are the 1% allowed to thrive?). So the logical release valve for them is to attack others who seem to be comfortably situated. Now let's look at Sandy Hook, specifically. It is in a fairly stable socioeconomic demographic. The carnage from the day remains everywhere. How can these conspiracy theorists negate all of the citizens who knew the children, knew the parents, and/or survivors? They can't, so they simply do not address it. Instead, they latch onto misinformation and inaccuracies and spew it as if it were a reality. It would not even be an issue (and those conspiracy theorists would merely be additional source of humor for the rest of us, as we all love to laugh at the town idiot) but for the fact that the educated and financially secure citizens work to provide public assistance to these very people. Of course, one should be innately skeptical, and question the government, but to do so without education, information or knowledge is simply irresponsible, and that is the issue here. At the end of the day, if these conspiracy theorists have such an incredibly irrational and baseless mistrust of the government, then do not accept public assistance. Do not make the informed and educated people support you. And find a country which embraces little education, a lack of deductive reasoning, and where the impoverished people rule). Good luck with that.

  • People us conspiracies for issues they don't understand

    I'm not saying conspiracies do not exist but a lot of the information used for the hoax is taken out of context. The news put out a lot of false information because when stories first break there's a race to get information out there, conspiracy theorist use this to push their own agenda. Its hard to argue with these theories of course because anything that disproves the theory is seen as a "cover up" but if you search the web you can find multiple sources to disprove these theories.

    Posted by: MRad
  • No chance.

    This entire conspiracy theory was a result of a video on youtube claiming the government staged it. It is filled with contradictions, wrongful assertions of fact, and manipulative editing of events that happened that day and he days following. One moment of stupidity was claiming one of the young girls killed appeared with the president after the shooting, when it was actually her younger sister.

  • We're seeing mass stupefaction

    Over four years in and the same tired old hoaxer claims are still being revived and regurgitated. No, Wheeler was not also a swat guy. No, the school was not closed. No, the victims did not appear at the super bowl. No, no one got free houses. No, a victim did not sit on Obama's lap after the incident. All of these bogus claims and many more have been thoroughly refuted, the answers are available for anyone who looks (feel free to ask me to expand on that), and there are clearly a lot of people more interested in their pet hoax theory than they are in the truth.

  • Not at all!

    I've been through lots of articles, talked to people on all sides, and I'm telling you it really happened...Some people are just too dense to see what is right in front of their faces. Instead of ignoring info that may be against your opinion, look at all facts and not just what is pushed in front of your nose.

  • Reality is not a tv show.

    "Well on CSI Miami" doesn't cut it. You cannot base your expectations of a criminal investigation on a show in which DNA samples are collected, processed and matched to a known sample in the back of a truck in a matter of seconds.

    Every scene and every incident is unique. Columbine is not Sandy Hook. Therefore, "well with Columbine we saw..." doesn't cut it.

    No photos of the victims post-mortem? How many times have you seen photographs of the victim of a brutal murder plastered on the front page of a local paper? "There are no photographs of the bodies" doesn't cut it.

    I am a former paramedic and currently employed as a medical examiner investigator. I call tell you it is not uncommon at all for a case involving a single victim homicide to remain at the scene for up to 6 hours while the police investigation is ongoing. We're talking 20+ victims here. So, "the bodies were there for a long time" doesn't cut it.

    Do you have any comprehension of how many people would be involved in such a "fabricated" incident? We're talking both local and governmental law enforcement agencies, state officials and politicians (Including R's who are more than likely opposed to gun restrictions), the local media, local funeral homes and their staff, local hospitals and their staff and community at large. You mean to tell me NO ONE is taking? NO ONE has approached a news agency with information they can provide about a "cover up"?

  • No, that is cruel.

    No, there is no validity to the idea of a Sandy Hook hoax, because the events of Sandy Hook were very real, and they were perpetrated by someone who was mentally disturbed. The Sandy Hook gunman was disturbed, and wanted to hurt a lot of innocent people. He succeeded in doing so. Sadly, it was no hoax.

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