Is there any way to prevent future mass shootings?

  • Ban all non-military guns (except MAYBE for hunting)

    There is no logical reason for the possessions of guns. By banning guns we can ensure that the regularity of these mass shootings are decreased at the very least. It is not a "right" to own a weapon as it has been mentioned by some in the no department. The US is an (oddly) devout Christian nation and yet it preaches the carrying of weapons for "defence".

  • Mental Health Programs Prevent Future Mass Shootings

    In the media today there is in depth coverage of mass shootings, especially when they involved children. Preventing future mass shootings involves changing our culture and how we respond to these events. By providing mental health services needed to many individuals would likely decrease the amount of future mass shootings. Providing mental health services to children in schools, individuals in the community, and those in need, will help people develop coping strategies that will deter violent behavior in the future.

  • I believe that there are many ways to prevent future mass shootings.

    I believe that there are many ways to prevent future mass
    shootings. One way would be to have
    mandatory metal detectors in all schools and large public gatherings. Also, I truly believe that all schools should
    begin to implement a policy of random locker searches. These policies would prevent many shootings.

  • Let the killers ideas letters and pictures die with them.

    There are just a few reasons these mentally unstable human beings are doing these horrific acts . After these horrible mass killings happens what is the first thing that happens . 1. The major news channels take over the area like a invading army . Now what do all of these mentally ill killers do everyone does the same thing . They all have Selfies or there favorite picture on the news within 24hrs of the killings and they also have there letters . The letters always saying the same thing "It wasn't my fault it was " so now we have this Invading Army of news channels that have hours and hours and hours of time to fill and it's all about the bottom line just like every other business it's about Commercial sales and getting people to sit in front if the TVs for hours seeing the same thing hour after hour . So they show the shooters picture and they tell his story . Now please tell me is it a good idea to give these mentally ill freaks what they wanted from the beginning ? Or should we toss there fancy selfies and glamour shot pictures and there final thoughts in the casket with them and show the rest of the mentally ill freaks that Want to go out in a blaze of glory that nobody will ever know there names or see who they are . I grantee it will fizzle out , the romantic thoughts they have of shooting innocent victims won't get them what they want. I live in Snohomish Wa. Only 10 minutes from Marysville Wa. We're the horrible High School Shooting happened . We seen first hand how scary major news channels can be . The police and Swat told the children that weren't hurt to go down the street to meet there parents at a local Church and they told the parents the same thing . Now just imagine yourself if you have kids standing there in a church parking lot with people and pure madness around you and all you want to see is your child and wrap your arms around them and kiss them hug them and repeat . But unfortunately for some parents there were news Vans at the school reporters at the ready " I know ballistics and they were within reach of just about any size weapon , if there would of happen to be another shooter" . THEY WERE STOPPING CHILDREN JUST OFF SCHOOL GROUNDS DURING A SEARCH FOR SUSPECTS AND GETTING INTERVIEWS. Within hours you have pictures of the killer and most of the Time the letter they wrote on why they though killing was a good idea and these news channels just love it they play it over and over and every time the figure out something else horrible there's great big letters and some catchy tune BREAKING NEWS . Let there ideas and pictures die with them .

  • Stop giving the shooters what they want .

    Has anyone else noticed that all of these school shooters or mall shooters ect. Have selfies or pictures of themselves waiting for the Media , they also have there letters on why they do it . Has anyone noticed that these 24 hr news channels and local news channels just love this carnage . I live in Snohomish Wa . Just a couple miles from Marysville were the High school shooting happened and the local news arrived there wile the officers and Swat were clearing the school , the local news had reporters stopping thing student in the Schools parking lot to get interviews ( in the range of even the smallest rounds) This Is After Police had told students to meet there parents up the block at a church so they could meet up with the parents that were worried sick . But King 5, Komo 4 , KCPQ 13 Didn't care they just wanted as much info as possible . Then they tell the killers story's and show his pictures for not just hours but days and with every new development there's a huge BREAKING NEWS bane across the TV . All the other mental freaks are watching this but seeing there own faces , seeing these sick demented killers as hero's . Wouldn't it be a good idea to not give them the time of day , don't show there pictures don't tell there story's let them die with there horrific act . We have to stop letting these news channels make money off these tragic events by commercial sales . Also they say watch for evidence that someone could be thinking of becoming a school shooter . The last guy in Portland was sent to Juviniles and schools for trouble kids , then he was kicked out of the Army , Then last but not least he had a BLOG ONLINE TALKING ABOUT NOTHING BUT MASS KILLINGS . Now we're doing the same things blaming the firearms and talk about banning guns . Its Like Banning Vehicles When A Freak Drives there weapon this time a car into a crowd or a drunk driver killing a family . Banning bolts and screws and cooking tools because two weirdo terrorist decide to hurt innocent runners in Boston . Lets just stop letting these News Channel make these mass killers infomous or it will never stop ever . These guys are just looking for there 10 minutes of fame and as long as these news channels can sale commercial spots during these horrible events it won't stop. Please don't give these killers any air time no pictures no letters nothing ignore there crazy thoughts and it will stop .

  • Yes there is ways to prevent future mass shootings.

    To prevent future mass shootings allowing teachers to have ccw permits and carry on campus would severly cut down on shootins. If there were to be a shooting it would be stopped before a mass shooting would break out. Providing training for the teachers would help them react correctly to the threat.

  • Stop making them super stars

    As sad as the mass shootings are to hear about and we all want to send our support to the families I believe that if the media would not talk about such things so much there would be less of it going on. When people with mental disabilities and anger issues hear about things like mass shootings it just gives them more ideas and ways to do it bigger. Yes we need to have some sort of gun control, but there are too many guns in circulation to get them all off the streets. In my opinion we need to talk about it less and pray about it more!

  • Change Gun Control Laws, Help Prevent Future Shootings

    It's unlikely that we will be able to cure everyone with a violent mental disability that causes someone to take up arms and attempt to kill as many people as possible, but what we can do is make those weapons less readily accessible. Reinstating a federal ban on assault weapons and instating one any fully automated or semi-automated weapons is the most effective way to prevent future mass shootings like that at Sandy Hook Elementary. Of course, there will still be guns in circulation that were acquired before such a ban could be installed, but a lower quantity and increased difficulty in acquiring them would help to keep weapons out of the hands of people who would do damage with them.

  • Yes. Simple really.

    Remove the concept of a, "gun free zone" and have as many people as possible carry.

    Where do most, "mass shootings" happen? Schools, Malls, And movie theaters. What do all these things have in common? There's a sticker on the door depicting a gun with a cross through it. HUGE logical leap here, But if someone's intent is to kill as many people as they can with a gun, Don't you think it would be easier to do so in a place where said people are unlikely to be armed to defend themselves?


    As far as arming large numbers of people, Laws of averages state that someone out of that handful is going to nut up and fight back.

    Mind blown.

  • There are many different ways to prevent future mass shootings.

    There are many different ways to prevent future mass shootings. One way would be to have a stronger gun control. Gun control needs to be stronger. Gun control needs to be stronger, meaning that the limits it has and the restrictions it holds needs to be better because guns are getting around very quickly and way to easily. Bad or harmful people are recieving guns and therefore it results in big mass shootings taking place

  • It just isn't possible

    Gun control wont help, stricter laws won't help. No matter what we do, there will always be a way for a person to get a weapon. The good people will always be the first people to die because they are left defenseless without a weapon. People are saying "Just give good people guns" but whats going to stop the bad people from getting them. There will never be a answer to a problem this major that affects the whole nation.

  • Individuals are the problem

    1. Someone hell bent on harming people will do so regardless of laws.
    2. Society can do a number of things to make things harder but it cannot eliminate the threat.
    3. Living in a free society has many downsides. Living in a police state may solve some of these mass shooting problems; but this too has many downsides. Human behavior is difficult to predict. All we can do is to be best prepared for such actions.
    4. What can we do?: A. Get rid of gun safe zones (These zones are only safe for criminals). B. Be more vigilante. C. Empower people to protect themselves and others (Only those that are willing; people who are not comfortable is protecting themselves will need to rely on others; IE. Police (when they are available) or other citizens if armed properly. D. Stop giving mass shooters notoriety (Never use their names, call all of them "John Doe". E. Stop politicizing the problem; objects (IE. Guns) are not the problem, people are. We don't blame kitchen knives when they cut us; we blame ourselves because we were negligent.

  • Stop making defenseless people even more defenseless.

    Weapons can be made out of everything and guns are just one one the most dangerous of weapons, you can't defend a gunman with just your fist, and it takes the police a few minutes to reach a site, and it takes a few seconds for a bullet to hit. So if were going to stop shootings, the best way to fight guns is guns, so if people are attacked in a shooting they can defend their self and everyone around them by just pulling out a gun and guarding.

  • Sorry, but no.

    Let's change the question to another, and see what you think... Do you think you can stop road rage? Of course not. When hate comes into play, you can't stop it. Sadly, this is the world we live in today. I fear for my kids and grand kids. When someone acts on their hate and rage, and kill groups of people, they've stepped into the realm of insanity. No sane person would kill groups of people. So, another question... Do you think you can stop insane people from acting out? Again, sorry, but no we can't.

  • There's most likely a half a BILLION guns in the USA

    The only thing that can be done to stop SOME of the shootings that will keep happening with more frequency is: Vigilance and refusing to become a victim. Encourage training and arming law abiding good people with the right mind set to carry weapons everywhere. Eliminate "gun free" zones. You might stop a few but not all. High profile cases of good guys with guns stopping homicidal maniacs will work as a deterent. .If you think registering, banning or placing more restrictions on LEGAL gun ownership and right to carry will do anything to stop even one shooting: You are way out of touch with reality. There's a third to a half a BILLION guns in America, tens of millions being high capacity military style rifles. It will ALWAYS be EASY for ANYONE to get guns no matter what is done to stop it. Face that fact and train yourself in the use of arms and the ways of vigilance. That's all any of us good people can do.

  • Future mass shootings are bound to happen

    Just like plane crashes and robberies, mass shootings cannot be prevented 100%. Sure certain things can be done to make it more difficult for these mass shootings to happen, but at the end of the day if someone is going to shoot up a school, they are probably going to do it. We all take risks when we get in a plane, in our cars, or even just go out for a walk. Risks are what make us human, if we prevented every possible risk, we wouldn't be free human beings. We can make the shootings difficult to take place with tighter gun laws or increase school security but there is no possible/reasonable way to prevent these shootings from happening

  • Stay prayed up

    If you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and pray to that God then you straight. Go to church, ask for forgiveness, and follow God commandments. Then there no reason for you to die in a mass shooting. God will watch after his people and protect. The devil will do all that he can to make you go to Hell with him. Pray, believe and have faith.

  • Weapons of any kind are not the problem, sick humans are

    I have 12 guns and not one of those guns have ever killed anyone. Never even shot a person. Folks, sick humans are the problem. The question is why? Why do people want to bring harm to innocents? Let's answer that question as a nation. Timothy McVeigh didn't use a gun. Neither did terrorists on 9/11

  • You can't stop all of them

    Gun free zones are the places mass shootings tend to happen. A gun free zone is a place law abiding citizens can't carry a firearm because it is against the law. Now, a criminal can walk right into a gun free zone and shoot people because in reality, what's stopping them. A sign that says no guns allowed? All these zones do is ban good guys from carrying guns and allow bad people to walk right in and cause chaos. Let's say a concealed carry individual had been carrying his gun on the night of the Aurora shooting, how many more lives could have been saved by that man shooting the offender as soon as he opened fire? Much more than if there was no concealed carry individual in the theater.

  • No, there's really no way to prevent violence.

    There's really no reliable way to prevent unexpected violence. That's why it scares us so much, because we don't expect it. There are things we can do to make it less likely that guns are taken into various places by having metal detectors or security guards, but in some ways we will trade off some of our freedoms if we start to enact too many of these safeguards. Additionally, as we have seen with the Boston Marathon bombing, there are other ways that people who wish to cause harm will find to do it, even if they don't have guns.

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