• It is logical to confer and explore together

    Why should you listen to me?
    Why should I listen to others?
    Who do you listen to?
    I listen to my own arguments and pick holes in them until they become more.
    I listen to the world around me and I will continue to do this for as long as there is one there.
    I listen to the cries of humans on the wind and I pity them.
    I cannot hear a future which is something that scares me a little.
    I can defin1tely hear my existence speaking to me. Can you?

  • Well, if you mean aliens, then yes.

    The odds regarding the presence of life throughout the universe (besides us) rends it statistically impossible for there not to be some sort of alien life-forms out there (though we most likely haven't met them yet). As for god; the answer is quite simply no, because there is no god.

  • Think of the size of the universe

    The universe is huge. It is very unlike we are the only ones who were is a perfect position at the exact right time to become a life form. Bacteria must have Been created some where else in the universe. This could have happened along time ago and maybe that bacteria has evolved into an intelligent life form.

  • Just bc you r wrong

    Its just me in this room

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