Is there anyone that is still active in Debates? I just joined and it seems too quiet.

Asked by: WorldDebating
  • I still do use this website

    If you check my opinions that I have created, you will see that I still use this website, and no im not lying to get attention, just look at the opinions did Google ruin youtube? And Should the Google car be able to be used by the public, just to prove I still use this website

  • Yeah, same here

    I have made multiple debates, but I am only in one. I want you to know I am in debates, I just don't see a topic I like, so I don't accept any challenges. It is quite quiet, I agree. I really want some soccer fan to accept my Casillas vs Diego Lopez Debate.

  • Nobody is debating like they used to other old debates.

    Everybody seems much quieter and it feels like there's only like a handful of people in Debate.Org. I just joined because all the old debates were very nice and interesting but many of the polls, opinions, and debates are quiet and only have like one or two people actually replying to the asker.

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