• Imagination, Faith, and Creation

    These three things define art in my opinion. I see art everywhere I look.. From the computers that you see, to the clothes that we wear, to home designing and engineering. I mean everywhere you look there is art. From music to mathematics to space and earth... I even see art in people's lives they live. The ups and downs all spell out something beautiful to me. From the sounds of whippoorwill to the precious view from the top of a mountain. If you haven't experienced these things in your life, it's time that you do.

  • Artist is one who makes special.

    By this definition of "artist," "art" can be defined as something that is made special. There is a definite difference in "art" and "craft." Therefore, art is a tangible idea that can be reached. Each individual person has their own idea of art. Some may say that Jackson Pollock does not create art, instead he drips onto a canvas. Others disagree.
    Also, the word "art" must be extended to all types, whether musical, theatrical, or physical.
    Each person has their own idea of art, therefore, there are BILLIONS of definitions of it and each of them is considered "right."

  • Whatever is in a museum?

    I think the scope of what we consider art has increased over the years... It definitely gets harder to define! It seems any object can become art if it's in a museum. Oh man I have to write more words to finish my supporting argument. I'm not quite there yet. Ok good.

  • There Is Plenty!

    Art is self-expression, imagination & talent still found in paintings ... Sculpture ... Pottery ... Wood-carving ... Assorted crafts ... Designs ... Jewelry ... Architecture ... Interior decorating ... Even cakes! It is limited only by the mind and resources. In some cases, it knows no limits. True artists usually find a way to express themselves.

  • No, but I'm not sure art has to be defined

    That's a good question. I don't think there is anything that fully defines art in the modern world, but then again I'm not sure anything has ever fully defined art. In one sense art is the physical representation of the mind's creative process. The assignment of artistic value to a created object such as a painting, sculpture, music, etc. is both highly subjective and personal. The perceptions of society change over time and the defining qualities of art can change with these changing perceptions.

    Personally I enjoy painting but when I look at a quilt that my grandmother quilted years ago I see something that I recognize as art. I believe that art can take a variety of forms. It all depends upon what we perceive to be artistic and pleasing.

  • There are literally no rules to what can be called art

    Pretty much every time I have walked into an art museum or looked in an art book I have questioned at least one piece's artistic value. I understand that "modern art" is always up for interpretation however, I don't believe that painting a few squares or throwing paint on a canvas and giving it a symbolic name makes it art.

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kbub says2014-02-22T21:09:15.620
There never was.
Buckethead31594 says2014-02-22T22:32:18.053
People define art.

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