• There are many things beyond the human ability to perceive and comprehend.

    Those who espouse 'science' as the highest expression of intelligence will always express the belief that there is nothing that is beyond human comprehension, merely that which cannot now be explained with current technology. The failure of this is lack of self-introspection and the examination of faith in the human condition. Even those who are steeped in 'scientific' knowledge engage in the same behaviors of 'faith' as the faithful of any religion, relying on the belief in things unseen, which they believe are true to carry themselves through.

  • Yes, there are things beyond our capacity to understand.

    I believe that there are some things in life that is beyond our human capacity to perceive and comprehend. I think that as human beings, we like to think that we will be able to understand everything, but that is not always going to be the case. There are just some things beyond our comprehension.

  • The nature of God.

    Yes, there are things that are beyond our human capacity to perceive and comprehend, because I cannot comprehend God, and the way that he created the universe. I also do not understand God's plan for putting humans on the earth to allow them to suffer. God's ways are a mystery to humans.

  • Yes, I think there are some things beyond our human capacity to perceive and comprehend.

    I believe there are several things that are beyond the human capacity to perceive and comprehend such as what was there before space was created and what was before that and so on, I believe that many things in our universe are beyond comprehension and we only have a very basic idea overall of it and likely will never know all the secrets of space.

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