Is there anything wrong about homosexuality and SSM? If so, what? (If you comment, please send me a message so we can discuss further.)

Asked by: shadowhands
  • Why would it be wrong?

    The world is filled with different kinds of people, wether it is race or sexuality. Gay people are just as much humans as straight people. And for all of the people who say that the bible says it is wrong, then why did God make them that way? We know now that people are not gay by choice.

  • Absolutely nothing is wrong with it.

    Granting equal civil rights to all is not "wrong". Not persecuting people for their inborn sexuality is not "wrong". Homosexuality and gay marriage does not harm anything.

    The so-called "arguments" against homosexuality and same sex marriage come almost entirely from religious people, who can't seem to get through their head that in America they do not have the right to impose their religious beliefs on the populace.

  • Is there anything to say?

    If it's two consenting adults then what's the problem? What people do behind closed doors doesn't hurt you or even directly affect you. Citing offense on religious grounds only shows your intolerance for another's differences. I eagerly await the day where these discussions don't even happen and we can just accept others for who they are and not for who they have sweaty romps with.

  • Nothing is wrong with it.

    First off, the Bible is not above any of the other religions. Belief in a God is just that; a belief. Everyone has a different belief. There are literally thousand of religions, and even some Christians are okay with SSM.

    Second, babymaking is not the sole purpose of life. What about infertile people? Are they useless because they can't make a baby? What about people who choose to be child-free, either for money or for a dislike of babies? Are they denying themselves the purpose of marriage/life?

  • Its immoral and Biblically wrong

    I actually do not understand how people can do that or choose to be that way? It is very confusing to be honest. Every person that was born a man is that, a Man... And every woman born is that, a Woman.. Not the opposites.. And people try to be the opposite and they never can and never will no matter how hard its tried.. Even if people get married or whatever.. I don't hate homosexuals or anything like that, if anything I feel sorry for them ... Marriage was meant for man and a woman not the same sexes.. That defeats the purpose of marriage then if its done any other way.. It goes against God against the Constitution and against the morality of human species .. It is kind of disgraceful to the human race for people to choose to live and be that way,... I only hope in prayer that people will see the flaw in it as God does and show them.. Just as He's shown His people its wrong.. And by no means am I attempting to offend anyone here.. Just simply stating my opinion as this is an opinionated section.. So sorry if people disagree or find what I say offensive, but I will not cater or change my views to please people.. But again, sorry if this is taken in offense.. Not my intent here..

  • It's wrong, but I won't judge you for it

    I am a Christian so gay marriage and homosexuality is against my religion. Marriage is between one man and one woman. However, I do believe gays should not be treated badly. They are still people and have feelings. We may not agree with their beliefs but that doesn't give grounds for abuse.
    (Adam and Eve)

  • Of course not. Why get so hung up on what others do?

    As a gay man, I hold firm to the belief that we are born gay. I have had this attraction since, well, as long as I can remember. I am also Catholic. Pope Francis made a huge step with his comment that it is not our place to judge. When it comes to marriage, I myself may not go that route, but I don't begrudge those who want to tie the knot. As a Catholic, we believe that the Bible was divinely inspired, but still written by man, with the attitudes of the day. So any people pick and chose what passages to follow, and which to ignore. Unless you are some Monk living in a Monastery high on a mountain somewhere, none of us live the Bible. Far from it. Are you one of those who hangs his/her hat on passages from Leviticus? Well, can't recall the other passages, but I eat shellfish and pork. I also wear garments made from a wool/cotton blend. Shall I be stoned for that also? After all, I am mixing fibers! I have a younger partner, and if we decided to marry, it would be to protect me from hateful siblings who would like nothing better than to pull the plug if I was ever hospitalized. If we weren't married, they would declare themselves my caretakers, and push him out. Needless to say, I have NO contact with those people. We should worry more about our own hateful attitudes and less about what our neighbor is doing in the privacy of his/her own home.

  • Depends on what you mean by "wrong"

    Men and women are complimentary by nature. This is evident in the way they are "designed", whether you think it was blind selection or that an intelligent force guided the process of evolution. Clearly, for the continuation of the human race, men and women must mate. If everyone were homosexual human life itself would end. So it is clear that there is little that is "good" about it. This is also clear when gay activists insist that "gay is not a choice." If it were a good thing, it would hardly matter if it WERE chosen; if it were a good thing, people would in fact choose it. It isn't good, and that is why it is excused by declaring that it is imposed by genetics.

    That said, I really don't think people choose to be gay. So it is not a condition that I would condemn a person for having. I could not say it is "wrong to be gay", because you can only be considered "wrong" if you are morally culpable.

    But merely having a same-sex attraction is different than acting on it, proclaiming it as a positive good, crafting an entire personal and political identity around it, and using the violence of the state to proclaim an "equality" between gay and straight unions that does NOT exist in nature (for reasons stated above, one being creative of life, the other being sterile). I consider myself quite tolerant of homosexuals - I fully support their individual rights to live as they please, with whom they please, with all of the protections afforded to all individuals in the United States. But I do oppose legal recognition of a lie, the idea that gay and hetero unions are "equal." They are not equal, they do not serve the same natural and social functions, and so there is no rational basis for "marriage equality." It is a purely emotional argument designed to solve a "problem" that doesn't exist; it is an assault on nature and truth that I cannot abide. We must as a society be able to tolerate homosexuality without lying about its intrinsic value.

  • It is morally unethical

    Obama has supported gay marriage openly, and we all know he is the anti christ and possibly satan himself. Gay people do not need rights, they need a bible and good parents. If we try our hardest, we can save them and offer them the salvation that was given to us.

  • Family unit and marriage for man and woman ONLY

    Marriage has always been a protected and respected Constitution, over generations and across all culture; and we, therefore, has brothers and sisters and relative related by Blood and honor each other accordingly.
    The community of bondage and relationship of common respect and caring thus forms the fabric and hold us together as the human race on earth with an eternal purpose which calls for the highest order of love and sacrifice, it is NOT about sex or attraction but Hornor and living as the Human race that worth living and protecting and fighting for, it is a vote of NO that is a vote to protect us from attempt to destroy the one and only institution that worth our protection beyond. Any short term sex orientation drive is not loved or
    as we know it, it is a desire of the flesh and does not make it entitle to family or marital status, the consequence is the death of our society and human race as we know it, no law can be pass to destroy what the government was elected to protect it from.

  • Define wrong please

    Depends on how you define wrong. Marriage is, and should be, inherently heterosexual. But homosexuals having intimate relationships isn't "wrong". I would argue that its immoral, but not "wrong" that we should condone it. But I dont think it should be promoted. The homosexual movement went from acceptance to shoving it down our throats. Don't get dirty with that sentence. Don't ban it, tell them not to be gay, but dont promote it. I am ranting, and dont know what I said, but whatever.

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