Is there anything wrong with Ayesha Curry's comments about women who wear revealing clothing?

  • It is not good to judge others

    I think it's different when you make a comment about how you prefer to dress modestly and casting disparity on other women who dress differently than you do. The irony is she used to dress in skimpy outfits herself before she got married to her husband Stephan Curry. This was chronicled by a photo one of the upset followers on twitter found of her. The dress was barely below her hips. Hypocrisy is a constant battle for some, which is usually avoidable if you stay in your lane and not climb up on your soap box to judge other people.

  • Just an inocent comment - what's wrong with that

    "Everyone's into barely wearing clothes these days huh? Not my style. I like to keep the good stuff covered up for the one who matters πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚" It's just an opinion shared about her version of what she thinks is right. Free speech dictates that she can say what she wants as long as it doesn't incite hatred

  • Exactly my issue with Feminism

    Ayesha Curry is a fantastic example of a married women in our society. Great mother, great wife, and is trying to create her own business in the food industry. All Ayesha said was that she doesn't like to show off her body thats it! If she likes to dress more conservatively thats her choice which she clearly explained. She didnt say anything against the women in question all she said was that she likes to dress conservatively. Feminists are trying to twist her words from what she actually said. On top of that its her opinion! In this country people can have an opinion! Its abousultly ridiculous to honestly believe what she said was an example of "Slut Shamming"

  • Each woman as a right to her own opinions appropriate dress.

    No, there is not anything wrong with Ayesha Curry's comments about not wanting to wear revealing clothing. The role of fashion in the fight for woman's rights is crucial. Moreover, the debate over what is appropriate and how men (and other women) should respond is vitally important. However, that is not to say that Ms. Curry was wrong in saying "I like to keep the good stuff covered up". That is her personal preference. It in no way means that other women must follow suit.

  • No, there is nothing wrong with Ms. Curry's comments.

    No, there is nothing wrong with Ms. Curry's comments. As a celebrity in a judgmental atmosphere, Ms. Curry should be applauded for her stern convictions. She wakes up every single day to a fresh judgement from her contemporaries, whether decent or divisive. She must be entitled to exert the same form of expression.

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