• We are kids,people!!!

    Lots of kid just celebrate Halloween because of the dressing up part. It's fun! The MOMS eat most of the candy. It's not fair to say something's wrong with Halloween because it's just something that people do for fun. And some people even have costume contests! It's just for fun, people.

  • Nothing Wrong With Halloween

    Halloween is a great holiday filled with the joy of children. They get to be creative, eat a lot of candy and hang around with their friends. All of these are good things. People who think Halloween is evil need to relax and think about the joy of the children.

  • Candy rots the teeth.

    Why I understand that kids think Halloween is ''fun'' because of the candy and costumes, what we are failing to realize is that our kids coming home with a bag full of candy is unhealthy. It rots their teeth and just adds to the epidemic of obesity, not to mention this pagan holiday had demonistic origins behind it.

  • celebrating halloween nothing wrong

    No there is nothing wrong with celebrating Halloween. It is fun for kids to get to dress up as their favorite character or something they want to be when they get older and then go and get free candy. What could possibly be wrong with that. It does not have to be anything more than that.

  • I don't see why not?

    I don't think there's anything wrong with celebrating halloween. It's just a day where you dress up into cute little costumes and going around for trick or treating or to celebrate and nothing else. I am a Christian myself and celebrate the halloween with others and as what the person above said, some churches are against celebrating the halloween because they think it's celebrating and worshipping evil and satans when halloween is just meant for fun.

  • Troll!!!! Burn it!!!

    Seriously? Don't pretend you were serious. First of all, one bag of candy isn't all that bad for you. The cause of obesity in America is a fast food lifestyle and lack of physical activity. I eat like eight twinkies a day, and I'm like 150, because I exercise. Pagan ritual? Can you tell me where December 25 come from? Before Christianity, December 25 was Yule, a pagan holiday! Antipagans can be such hypocrites......

  • There is nothing wrong with celebrating Halloween.

    Some churches have put forth an arguement that celebrating Halloween is wrong because it celebrates the devil or witches and evil spirits. This is not true in reality however. Children do not go around because of Halloween and think that witches and ghosts are real. Children think of halloween simply as a time to dress up in costume and have fun, they do not place any level of importance on it, other then getting candy. There is nothing wrong with the kids having fun.

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