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  • It has its use but causes harm in the long term

    I self harmed for 10 years. Many times it kept me from killing myself. It was very useful at the time but it was only a crutch. I was only delaying my negative emotions because I did not know how to process them. After a lot of work I can process emotions better now, But getting used to the instant gratification of self harm has made it more difficult to adopt the healthier habits. Also, People who love you suffer seeing you suffer, Even if they don't know how to help.

  • Yes, Its not a healthy way of processing emotion.

    Typically its a symptom of a more serious underlying mental health problem. If you feel the need to self harm, That should be a red flag that you need to get some help. It will leave scars that will exist long after youve dealt with whatever issue youve processed. There are better ways to feel better.

  • It depends on the reason

    If you're harming yourself because of mental health issues as described by others, It would obviously be better to seek proper treatment, Therefore, There is something wrong with it. However, If your reason for self harm is one of seeking a rush (basically similar to bungee jumping for instance), There is not much that I consider wrong if you know what you are doing and don't burden others

  • Hear Me Out

    I don't think there's anything really wrong with self-harm. I don't encourage it, But I don't understand why it's such a big deal. It's not healthy but it's your body. Self-Harm only hurts you. Do I self-harm? Occasionally. It's like smoking a cigarette only at social gatherings, Except secondhand smoke is a dangerous thing to others and self-harm is not. Smoking can kill you, But self-harm won't. Self-Harm can be done safely (as safely as hurting yourself can be). Use a clean, Sterile tool (preferably new), Take care of your injuries. Wash and bandage them. I wish people wouldn't self-harm, But that's not my decision to make.

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