Is there confusion over what "feminism" is?

Asked by: AJRoss
  • Feminism is not an absolute

    Feminism is contoured consistently to fit each and every individual who declare themselves as feminists. Although there is an individual ascribed absolute definition, it is very hard to match that definition with actions of the participating members.

    Feminism needs to be defined and all progress should be held up by a single official and credible group. Currently anyone can declare themselves as a feminism and actually do harm against the movement.

    The term 'feminism' should also be reconsidered to change. The largest issue with the credibility of feminists is that the majority of the group are women and they are potentially looking for more benefits to improve their quality of life. Why is this a problem? Women can be looked at as just trying to manipulate for personal gain, especially since feminism seems to ignore all other issues of equality for all races; where they may not get personal benefits.

    Everyone should look for equality for EVERYONE, meaning it should have a term that includes everyone within it.

    The term 'feminism' is fairly sexist and very misleading and shows potential personal motives for the women in the group while ignoring all other equality issues that don't benefit them.

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