Is there enough emphasis on fitness education in US elementary schools?

  • Yes, i believe there is enough emphasis on fitness education in US elementary schools.

    Yes, i believe there is enough emphasis on fitness education in US elementary schools, because elementary schools offer the courses, health, and physical education. That should be enough. School is a place for academic growth, not fitness. At some point the responsibilities have to fall back on he parents to make sure their child is fit.

  • Physical Fitness Isn't Enough

    Physical fitness is important, almost as important as regular education. I think that it's important for children to learn how to exercise and play, since their bodies are at a crucial stage of development. However, I think this also needs to be enhanced with teaching about good nutrition, not only that certain foods are good for you, but also which ones taste good. An overall approach to health education will do much to improve children's awareness of healthy living and help reduce the cases of childhood obesity and the risk of type 2 diabetes, which is so prevalent in today's youth.

  • There should be more.

    We need to promote healthy living and fitness as early as possible. Schools should do even more to help students stay active and stay healthy. It is hard though when their home life is not conducive to such an environment. Schools should do as much as possible to help out kids get a better fitness perspective.

  • There should be more fitness education in US elementary schools

    Students spend too much time at their desks and not enough time up and moving around. In some schools fitness education consists of a thirty minute gym class or a thirty minute recess. The rest of the time there they are expected to sit still and pay attention.
    Kids need to run and play and would benefit from getting some energy out so they can sit and concentrate on what they are supposed to be learning. Schools are too busy trying to bring up their test scores on the standardized test to worry much about how to incorporate more physical education into the curriculum.

  • Fitness Education in US Schools Not Enough

    Currently, fitness education programs in US elementary schools are not enough. These programs are relatively lax and don't truly educate youngsters on the importance of being physically active. An overhaul of these programs could do a world of wonder for our youths. Therefore, change is needed in most elementary school programs.

  • There should be more

    I don't think there is enough elements of physical education in grade school these days. When I was in grade school, we had gym just once a week for about 45 minutes to an hour. If that is truly all of the physical activity the young person gets, then no, there needs to be more.

  • No, we need more!

    No, there is not enough emphasis on fitness education in our schools. There is quite a bit of focus on what the children are eating, but almost none on how much exercise they're getting. We need to teach our children not only how to eat correctly, but how to keep their bodies fit and healthy!

  • Yes, and no, but more no.

    I think we agree that most, if not all, schools from elementary through high school all have some sort of a physical education class. However, as a fitness guru, I do not think fitness is enough. Fitness is part of the equation, but I think nutrition is a lot more complex to understand, thus I think nutrition represents a lot more of the equation than just fitness. Everybody can have such a fitness routine, but it will not necessarily work unless it fits the diet you are on. Thus, I think there needs to be more push on nutrition in schools.

  • Fitness Education Needs More Attention In Schools

    Fitness Education is lacking in elementary schools and definitely needs improvement. In most schools, kids just go to PE and play outside. There is not much taught except the rules of the game the class is playing. This needs to change. Obesity is at an all-time high and fitness education needs to be pushed more.

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