Is there enough news in the world to stop making repetitive threads?

Asked by: blackkid
  • Media is tricky

    The only reason that we do not hear of certain things that occur around the world is due to the fact that the Media rules everything that we know of. For example, I have a very limited knowledge about the war between the NKR, Armenia, and Azerbaijan and would love to hear more news about but I never will because the media, and with it society, is more interested in the same problems such as Israel/Palestine, Middle East, etc.

  • Interesting, and original question

    I'm surprised that anyone would say no. The reason for repetition is the simple fact that humans think alike and find interest in the same things. Usually, no-one knows of the similar thread, but if they do, they think that theirs is different enough. There are infinite things that could be discussed in these threads. You could talk about the drunkard you met, the bill Obama just vetoed, how long it's been since mass media mentioned a mass-shooting, or whatever.

  • If there is then why are there repetitive threads?

    I'm surprised no one has said yes to this yet. Most people I've seen say would say yes lol. Anyway it's funny because those same people complain how the news sites are always repeating the same thing. Because there is only so much news. So yeah. That's all. Good bye.

  • The world is a boring place:

    I believe people ask the same question in varying ways of focus narrowly on empty topics because they are bored and the world is small and has no material for them. I do not believe that the people themselves are boring or small-minded because that would suggest that variation is a by-product of mental engagement instead of vice versa.

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