Is there ever a safe level of alcohol to drink when pregnant?

  • Alcohol is bad for pregnant women.

    Consumption of alcohol by pregnant women can cause birth defects and other complications. This has been proven repeatedly. When a pregnant woman consumes anything, it is also consumed by the baby growing in her belly. This should cause all pregnant women to be very careful with their diets. A few moments of pleasure from consuming alcohol is just not worth it. It should be illegal for pregnant women to consume any amount of alcohol.

  • Alcohol is Poison to Fetus

    Any level of alcohol is poison to the tiny fetus inside a mother's body. Anything a mother eats and drinks, the baby eats and drinks too. Alcohol, nicotine, meth, heroin and all other social drugs can be harmful to an unborn baby even in minute amounts. Hopefully, mothers who want to get pregnant learn to abstain from such dangerous substances.

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