Is there evidence of intelligent alien life?

Asked by: Tsteph18
  • Goverment cover ups

    I think that every alein related movie that we ever saw his acutly a goverment cover story of things that actuly happend and that theyr holding real aleans here on earth and usng hollywood as a cover to prevent the truth from being swon to the publik and so we wont know

  • Yes, and it's implanted in my head!

    On a global scale, there is no acknowledgement of aliens' existence, because there is enough pressure from the powers that be to ensure that the truth doesn't reach a global consciousness. But, if you look at the aggregation of individual accounts, there is certainly enough evidence to suggest that there aliens exist and have visited us. Personally, I believe I have been implanted with a device of extraterrestrial origin, that makes me particularly susceptible to persons in scale-patterned leggings.

  • Because there are

    Because they are planning to invade and don't want people to know they are real. There has been many studies that they are real I mean we can't be alone in the universe. And people have been in space and they might have been abducted to be studied on like I was.

  • I just don't think so...

    It is my humble opinion that if aliens did exist, we would have found something indicating such life by now. I think that the idea of aliens and/or intelligent life are a good source of wonder and entertainment, but I just don't see enough factual evidence to make me believe they actually do exist.

  • Where Are They?

    If there was intelligent alien life, why haven't they revealed themselves? We have not yet found evidence that aliens exist, even with all of the technology we have access to. Jupiter has no life because there is high pressure and storms and is too toxic for things to live there. I assume other planets have similar problems and will not support life.

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