• Yes, there always has and always will be.

    A couple of reasons actually. Evolution has never been proven, as it is so full of holes it can't even float. Evolution has never stated a species turned into another, rather it was the same thing all along, it just changed. A dog is different than it was a million years ago, but its still a dog. Evolution makes no sense whatsoever, despite what everyone says. (The majority isn't always right, this case is an excellent example.) God exists. And the Big Bang couldn't have possible happened, what caused it? How can there just be a random explosion, and everything popped to life? It doesn't work like that, what caused explosion?

  • Yes yes yes.

    Im a christian and honestly God makes more sense than the big bang theory. Well the big bang supposedly works like this... 14 million years ago, there was a spot in the universe that was hotter and denser than we can ever imagine and that spot was smaller than a pinhead. Then it exploded and things got scattered everywhere... (I'm not sure if it's talking about our galaxy or the whole of space) the bits of matter are still expanding and moving outwards today... As the universe cooled, different chemical and element reactions took place to create oxygen and things like that... All of that makes no sense to me... But I guess that's what everyone wants to believe because they don't want anything to do with God. And even though they believe the big bang was 14 million years ago, they still think dinosaurs and other life existed over 70 million years ago... This doesn't make sense.
    There are is a lot of historical accuracy in the Bible and not to mention, relics such as the sheet Jesus was wrapped in, the coffin box of Jesus' brother James, carbon dating the original scriptures back to Jesus' time and a lot more. Though I don't need evidence to believe in my God. They tested different theories about the cloth Jesus was wrapped in and the only result (that was the same under the microscope) was if someone had been washed down with a soap they used back in His time and then wrapped in the cloth and over time when the cloth aged, it was left with what the cloth looks like today. They coffin box of James, Jesus' brother was tested and was to be found of the same time. They examined how often the names on the side of the coffin box were and found that it would almost be impossible to have the same names in the same order (father son and brother) in another family. There is so much that people don't know about. Do some more research before you say there is no evidence. And yes, these were tested by famous scientists.

  • It is obvious

    For there to be a painting, there must be a painter. For there to be an invention, there must be an inventor. For there to be a creation, there must be a creator, I.e. God. The reason for so many bad things in the world is because of sin, or the disobedience of God. He created us perfectly in the beginning, but gave us free will (because being loved by a mindless slave isn't the same as chosen love) and we chose to sin and have ever since. This has caused numerous consequences even to seemingly innocent people. They are affected by the choices of others.

  • None of the many arguments I've encountered to "prove" existence of a deity have been logically valid.

    The existence of a diety seems to be undemonstrable. Countless attempts have been made by offering evidence of miracles, but none have persuaded me to me more than shams, fiction, or coincidences. It's also impossible to prove there are no deities, but the burden of proof must fall to the proponents, not those who don't believe.
    "In matters of the intellect, follow your reason as far as it will take you, without regard to any other consideration. And negatively: In matters of the intellect, do not pretend that conclusions are certain which are not demonstrated or demonstrable". (Thomas Henry Huxley, 1889)

  • I don't believe

    I am not trying to insult the opinions of others, but God is supposed to be good, right? How come all of these wars still rage? How come there are some people who know that they are not strong enough to take what has been given to them? It is true evolution has never been proven, but neither has God.

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