Is there hope in the future for the next 100 years or are we all screwed?

Asked by: psychohare360
  • Kick the can.

    Our Earth politicians believe in the kick the can policy above any other policy. See what happened to Greece, Detroit Michigan and Illinois are examples of our future because politicians are intent on kicking the can as far down the road as possible. Climate change is another example of kick the can as well as social security solvency. We're destined to doom unless some smart people do an about face and while anything is possible it's not likely.

    I still remain a fan of the underdog!

  • It is hard to predict the future but humans are like cockroaches, they are everywhere

    It is extremely hard to predict the future a hundred years down the road because of all the variables. For example you can't just analyze a failing economy (like Greece) and compare it to America or you can't compare the military situation in iraq to say Japan. Some nations will collapse, some will rise and some will just continue on we can have a pretty good guess but it is inconstant (like a weather forecast). But humans adapt and live like rats and cockroaches, we are literally everywhere on the planet, even if there was a catastrophic collapse in society or the environment some one some where would most likely survive and eventually strive in the climate. There are just too many of us to eliminate, we are like cockroaches in a house, you can either burn the entire house down or you are just stuck with them. If there is an earth with oxygen and h2O then my prediction is that humans will survive.

  • If whites become the minority we can pretty much expect this country to become a mix of Africa/Mexico

    Just great we have a life of gang bang drive by's and Mexican drug cartels in our future. America will become the aids capitol of the world and home to groups like boko harem. Why do I think this u may wonder? Just look at the black and Hispanic neighborhoods that are already in this country and tell me Im wrong!

  • Unless we change our ways, the simple answer is no.

    We as humans are driven by our desires. When we want something, we remove anything in our way to get it. We want money, so we cut down trees, cheat, and hurt people. We want food, we may steal. We want happiness, why not just take someone else's. People have yet to realize, that chasing after money, women, and things in general should not be our main priority. If we don't understand that invading countries, killing people,and lying to people isn't helping the whole, we will meet a painful demise. We may lose our lives in a nuclear war, or we cut down too many trees, leading to an unbalanced ecosystem. I can't say for sure what will happen to us, but I do know that like the romans we will spiral into chaos soon enough, if things don't change.

  • Why wait 100 years?

    ISIS is growing. Russia is becoming more and more aggresive, north Korea is working on its nukes. Iran is getting stronger and the US is caving in. Isreal may attack Iran in the near future.
    China is looking for military global domination...

    The united states is divided in all sorts of social and political issues.

    Society is becoming more and more self centered and ignorant of the issues at hand. As they worry more about their own sins and personal issues rather than working for the greater good of the world.

    Things are not looking good. I think we be screwed.

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