• Yes,there is life on Mars.

    People are not cognizant of the fact that once up on a time,life on earth was just about as negligible as scientists have now discovered on Mars.So,inevitably,there will be a civilization in Mars,no doubt about it.Therefore,from this evidence it is conclusive that there will be some sort of life on Mars in the millions of years to come.

  • I think there is.. NOT so sure though

    People have explored Mars and have found that gullies, volcanoes and some things like that happened on Mars.. The existence of gulleys shows the existence of water which indirectly tells us that there may have been life on Earth.. Mars also has seasons like ours though they are much longer than they are here because of the longer year.. But then too scientist have not been able to prove it yet.. So just hope there is life.. It would be fun right to instead of moving from continent to continent being the longest distances,, now you can also move from PLANET TO PLANE!!!!!!!!

  • Of course there's intelligent life on Mars

    There are ruins in several places on Mars, evidence of intelligence like near Mars' north pole, even a couple of huge machines operating in craters. All this is can be seen in Google Earth/Mars for those who will spend time looking. Yes, the planet is a barren wasteland, but there are still survivors.

  • They could live underground

    Scientists have found that the caves on Mars have air that like the air on Earth, so it not impossible that the Martians didn't go underground. I believe that Mars was killed off in a nuclear war, and since humans would hide underground, why wouldn't Martians do the same thing.

  • I think there could be

    There is life on Mars because there are gullies and trenches so it is possible for water to be in it and if there was water so life on Mars is a pretty debatable subject. Another reason there is is because NASA's Space Rover is up there searching for life and samples of rocks. If NASA believes there's life, so do I.

  • You never know.

    Life is EVERY WHERE on earth, and it is just fine. There is a possibility. Life is in volcanoes, acid, and it can survive in space. They could have escaped into space, and live on some planet out of the solar system. If they knew their planet was dying, they would probably leave.

  • No, there is no intelligent life on Mars

    Just compare the two planets, Mars and our own home, Earth. Earth is literally covered with cities and you can see the light emitted by them from space. Why can't you see the same on Mars? Because there aren't any cities or civilisations on its surface.

    We have also sent missions to Mars and found nothing, not even the smallest microbial life form. On Earth, there is hardly a square metre that isn't teeming with life. How could intelligent life have evolved on Mars if there was nothing for it to evolve from?

  • No nope nope

    Show me proof 100 percent proof theres Is none SCIENCTS LIE ALL THE time , , , , , , ,, , , , , , , ,, , . . /. / / / /// // / / / // / / / / / /// / / k

  • Not intelligent life, no.

    But there was fluid water on Mars very early on in it's existence. Given that, bacterial/microbial existence of life seems plausible back then, but probably not anymore. The "face on Mars" picture always gets crackpots going, and some even claim to see pyramids (like in Egypt) in various photos from NASA. Really, the best candidate for any kind of life in our solar system is probably Jupiter's moon Europa.

  • No, there's no sign of it.

    No, there is not intelligent life of Mars, because there is no evidence that life is sustainable on Mars. Rovers have landed on Mars, and they have not found life. In addition, the evidence we have shows that life could not live on Mars. Even getting people to Mars and back will be dangerous expedition, because life is so unsustainable on the planet.

  • Most Likely Not.

    I don't think anybody can be 100% sure about this question because we haven't completely searched mars inside and out. That being said, the environment for life to develop and sustain is not possible on mars nor can we say that there aren't other forms of life that can adapt to these conditions. But their is no credible evidence to believe there is intelligent life on mars so instead of looking at Martian rocks and speculating how about we pay attention to more serious arguments like UFO's.

  • Um no no

    The planet cannot harbor life. It's too far away from the Star (Sun) to get enough heat for life to prosper. The planet's conditions are just not ideal for anything to live or even for anything to have lived. I believe water is possible, but I doubt any living organisms thrived in that water either.

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