• Yes, though it's declining

    For now, we have a goodly amount of freedom. We can access any site we want and our search results aren't filtered (except in schools). Thankfully, the horrid Communications Decency Act of 1996 was found mostly unconstitutional. However, with the death of Net Neutrality, ISPs will now have the freedom to pick and choose which websites we can visit and what we can download. DRM EME is being inserted into the new HTML5 code, which will allow sites to stream encrypted content without the use of third party plugins like Flash and SilverLight. That in itself was OK, but I don't like DRM actually being built into the architecture of the Web.

  • Sort of, for now

    In the United States, there is more internet freedom than other places. It is not complete freedom but it is better than nothing. Internet freedom is slowing declining. Before we know it, there will be no freedom on the internet at all. So enjoy the freedom we have while we got it.

  • Yes, maybe too much.

    Right now we do have a lot of internet freedom in the United States. We can access all web sites that we want to look at even if they have a violent or hate oriented nature. We can bully others in cyberspace and at the moment suffer very little consequence for it. This is probably too much online freedom.

  • For the most part yes

    For the most pare there is a great deal of internet freedom in the United States. We don't have site blocked from other countries and we don't censor a lot of what is online. You have the freedom to make websites about almost anything, including hateful ones because it is your right.

  • There is internet freedom in the U.S..

    In general, there is free use of the Internet in the United States. People can view any kinds of political information on the Internet. Even violent and pornographic materials are available. There are some reasonable restrictions against child pornography and sites which actively trade in illegal materials such as drugs.

  • Internet Freedom in the U.S.

    Fortunately, there is plenty of Internet freedom in the United States, especially compared to other countries in the world. The U.S. rarely restricts Americans' access to the Internet, and censorship is virtually non-existent on the web. For that reason, Internet freedom is actually a reality in this country at the moment.

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