• All police should undergo ethics training

    With headline after headline showing yet another murder of an innocent black man at the hands of a police officer, it is clear that there should be a change in how police officers are trained. Ethics training is an excellent way to address these issues because it makes police officers recognize and neutralize racist behavior.

  • Yes, ethics training is neccesary.

    It is absolutely neccessary that police go through real ethic training. They need to understand that they are here to protect and serve, not attack whoever seems suspicious, or is giving them a hard time, or they just don't like. They also need to be aware of their inherant biasis.

  • Yes, there is a need for ethics training for police

    Yes, there is a need for ethics training for police. The police serve a very important function and it is very important for them to be ethical. The police should undergo training in ethics to ensure that they understand how ethics applies to the police profession and how to act ethically.

  • It wouldn't hurt

    Not all police need it and I'd say that the vast majority don't, but overall it wouldn't hurt anything. It might help fix up some of the rotten eggs while serving as a gentle reminder to the rest. Such training really can only be beneficial, maybe neutral but it's more likely to do good.

  • Ethics are an obstacle.

    Policemen are made to compute situations and execute orders in order to defend and ensure safety. Feelings are an obstacle for the rational quick thinking a policeman or any member of any armed forces is supposed to do.
    Ethical thinking in police forces means they'll start to bend the rules to accomodate their feelings and eventually create corruption.

    They are not care-bears that'll give you a hug if you get robbed. They are men and women trained to be machines ready to subdue and neutralize the criminal cancer in society.

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