Is there justification for the bullish trend that Enterprise Products is experiencing?

  • The real reason behind EPD's bullish trend

    Did anyone note the news trending that EPD has added a new 270 mile pipleline to transport gas from their Mont Belvieu storage zone to the petro dependant industrial areas of Napoleonville, Lousiana? This line was built with explicit intent to live up to the growing demand for purity ethane in these areas. It is hard to believe that this development just coincided with EPD's bullish trend.

  • Yes, the bullish trend is justified

    The bullish trend experienced by Enterprise Products is well deserved considering the quality and value for money associated with the brand. Consumers continue to show full confidence in the products when compared to competitors. Thus, the bullishness is not a result of market irrationality, the company has been a compelling investment for long periods.

  • There is justification

    There is justification. This is because when laws make it easy or when the market so decides it needs a product, the market also answers. Enterprise Products helps in the energy sector and they are there for a reason. Granted, another company could provide the same service, but this one will be making money from the trend for sure.

  • Entreprise Products Needs to Step Back

    Enterprise Products is a oil and natural gas company, that in the current environmental global climate should behave in a more discrete manner. With the Tar-Sands oil pipeline still massively controversial and climate change and environmental damage still high on the population's minds, Dan Duncan and his people would be well advised to toe a more subtle line.

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