• The Afterlife is real

    When people die, they're totally out of the body, and go around somewhere, probably heaven or heck. I have a big fear of death, but I want to live forever. Death is terrible, but if ressurection happens, just let me know about this one, OK? Thanks and cheers to all of you.

  • The law of conservation of energy

    The law of conservation of energy states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but can be transferred to another form. Because our life force is powered by something (i.E. A soul) it cannot simply go away. The energy that is in all of us is unable to simply go away at death, so it has to go somewhere other than the body. Whether that place is heaven, hell, or the void is the result of your choices in life. Also, because the universe is always expanding, it is impossible for our energies to stay on earth. Because someday the earth will be sucked into a black hole after our sun collapses in on itself during a supernova. While our earthly selves will not exist after our lives are over, our souls do exist and have to go somewhere.

  • Philosophers and Scientists agree that there is in fact , a life after death .

    Many philosophers have assured that there is in fact life after death , from Platon to Aristote to Ibn Sina they all admit that human essence survives the passing of the human body . How this life will be lived however is another subject , in Islam (my religion) it's believed that on the day of punishment , souls go back to their bodies however that statement is more likely to be symbolic than real because logically speaking all the bodies cannot be restored . As Ibn Sina has said , bodies decompose in the soil , transferring it's nutriments to the dirt trees and planst then consume those nutriments and as a result , give us fruits and then we eat those fruits consuming the nutriments that once formed a human body . Another example given by Ibn Sina is people who die in the ocean , their bodies are probably eaten by fish which are either eaten by bigger fish or captured and consumed by humans . So yea i don't think life after death consists of human bodies , moreover if said body is in a stone grave when the siul returns to it , how will it get out of the grave ? That doesn't make sense . Another point discussed by Ibn Sina is that , people who are destined for eternal happiness cannot have bodies because a human body gets tired , sick , hungry and so is a reason for pain . Gibran Khalil Gibran used to believe that the soul is an invisble body and the body is the visible soul , so maybe by bringing bodies back to life it actually means gathering the souls . Platon considered the body a PRISON of the soul how can a prison be a happy place ? Sufis belive that in order to free the soul one must break the body and only then will they have true happiness . In addition to all that , some German scientists have recently proved the existance of life after death by doing experiences on 944 volunteers , after drugging them they were reanimated by the AutoPulse m and all have mentioned a feeling of disconnection from the body so there you go . It's not life as we know it now but at least we're not wiped out of existence

  • There is evidence to suggest that there is life after death.

    Various forms of evidence--from scientific to paranormal--has been produced to suggest that there is life after death. It is important to remember, however, that no conclusive proof of life after death has ever been produced. For this reason, a belief in life after death remains a matter of personal belief and faith.

  • After Death Is Not The Same

    Given that our bodies die when we pass, I have to assume if anything survives it would be our soul or spirit. I do not think there is "life" after death, because that would entail living as we are now. I do believe there is something after death, but I do not believe it can be described as life.

  • Life after death is near impossible

    The life after death debate has been going for years, and probably will continue for the remained of the earth's existence. Since one cannot directly prove nor disprove the existence of some sort of consciousness on the 'other side', it seems only fair to assume there is nothing beyond the hear and now. With the billions of people that have died since the world first began, surely there would be one spirit/ghost that would successfully have come and provided evidence thereof.

  • No, there is no life after death

    There is no life after death!!! I believe that there is no life after death because there are a few religions who believe in the afterlife, also, we have always feared death, why? Because once we die we will never return. Have fun reading this :) thanks for reading my opinion

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