• Yes, there is.

    There is certainly media bias against President Obama. And this is very ironic, because conservatives are always rumbling and grumbling about the "Liberal media." In fact, there are more conservative news networks and radio station personalities in the States than there are Liberal--and guess what? They all despise Barack Obama.

  • Yes, I think there is a media bias against President Obama.

    While the majority of the media is in favor of President Obama there are certain conservative media networks that are biased against the President, these networks know that the majority of their viewers are displeased with a democratic President so reporting biased news that makes him look bad makes their viewers happy and tune in.

  • Yes, there is certainly media bias against President Obama.

    My argument for this would begin with the fact that the media ALWAYS skews the facts at least somewhat. So, already, any argument that there isn't media bias against Obama is on shaky ground. This, combined with the fact that the "republican-esque" news programmers, like FOX, are TRYING to twist the facts, it isn't just happening sub-consciously.

  • Exists or does not exist

    The media states there is not bias or at least the bias is legitimate against our current president and then cries about the bias Obama suffered. The media fails to do their job, which is to report the real news not opinions to the people. By not following the news such as the Clinton email/server scandal which really placed our country at risk, the media discredits itself further. The media continuously treats its viewers as if we are mindless puppies that they can control with a sound bite. Well, this is going to backfire on them. Imagine if they would report real news in an unbias fashion, there could be journalists winning Pulitzer prizes all over the place. Follow the real news and regain credit. They cry about FOX news, well this is only 1 media outlet, there are dozens of liberal networks for 1 conservative. Is the left really going to complain about 1 network that takes all of theirs down? If this is true then the left should learn that they are not the norm and maybe they need to address issues that the majority of the country wants to be dealt with instead of pushing an ultra liberal agenda. The media controls the left and Hollywood perpetuates it with the influence they have over the uninformed masses. Most of us fall in the center, remember that, we want the truth from both sides. So Bias is there for all but it is more obvious with this president. President Bush said nothing after Obama got into office, he let him have his time. Why can't Obama and Clinton do the same? If the Dems ever get back in office this will be remembered but most likely we will be gentlemen and women and let them do their job.

  • They love him.

    No, there is not a media bias against Obama, because they protect him. Many more people have died in Afghanistan under Obama's watch than Bush's, but Bush was considered a war monger, and Obama is hardly even questioned for leaving troops there. Obamacare and its debacle is not questioned by the media, either.

  • No, overall the people have access to many points of view

    American journalism offers multiple points of view on
    President Obama and every other issue. Fox News is considered right wing, while
    the offerings of the New York Times are considered to be somewhat to the left
    by many observers. A range of editorial viewpoints guarantees that any news
    bias exhibited by one source will be countered by others very quickly.

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