Is there more behind the feud between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy than an Instagram photo of Karrueche Tran?

  • Yes, I think so.

    People wonder why the Music Industry is messed up as it is. Either the female with you or she ain't. Don't sweat another man because of his like for her comment. I'm sure she was with someone before you got at her. You're both heavy in the music game and I feel both of your music. Let that BS ride between you two. Come together and collaborate on album or something and be a better influence on the people who feel your music and show you love.

  • Yes, there is more to the fued than a photo.

    There is likely much more to the feud between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy than just an Instagram photo. There is always more to the story than meets the eye--the public does not know everything going on behind the scenes. It is likely that Brown and Soulja Boy are at odds over a number of other issues too.

  • Yes, Soulja Boy needs to stay relevant.

    The reason for many feuds between celebrities is not necessarily that they don't like each other, but rather that they need attention and a way to stay relevant. Soulja Boy is a perfect example of this. His rap career is not going so well, and he has been irrelevant for a few years now. Starting feuds with more established, famous rappers is an effective way of getting attention and publicity.

  • Social media is just the surface.

    What ends up on social media is rarely the entire story. Chris Brown is known for his temper. The Instagram photo is just the surface. It is what people see of what exists, but in this case, there is more below the surface. Brown is known to stir things up, and he and Soulja Boy have a long history.

  • The feud doesn't even involve Karrueche. The feud is probably not real at all.

    Soulja Boy is a known fraud who constantly engages in feuds with others to get attention to his projects and himself. Within the past three months, he's also had issues with Quavo of the popular group The Migos, Shia LaBeouf, Keke Palmer, Lil Yatchy and the list goes on. He's just a troll who likes to start arguments and quickly end the feud when he sees that it may go too far.

    I have no doubt that this is just a publicity stunt

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