Is there more nutritional value in organic foods (yes) or conventional foods (no)?

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  • NO, it doesn't,

    Organic foods have extremely minute differences in nutritional value which do not make a difference in overall health. If you want to buy organic, buy them because they are lower in chemical residue (caused due to pesticides) and are safer to the environment. Otherwise, you will be spending extra on basically nothing.

  • For The Most Part, No

    I do not believe there is more nutritional value in organic foods, as compared to conventional foods. I believe some organic foods can be better for you and they also have a better taste, but these are few and far between. This would apply to eggs, chicken meat, and other similar products. Many of the organic labeled foods are no different than their counterparts.

  • No difference if the food has not been tampered with.

    As long as conventional food has not been tampered with too much in the breeding or in the growing, then it is very likely that both of these types of food will have equal nutritional value. What is off with conventional foods sometimes is that they contain excess chemical products that need to be thoroughly washed off.

  • Organic is about how and where the food is grown.

    The point of organic foods is not that they have greater nutrition. A plant is a plant, a fruit is a fruit. The difference is in the way it's grown. An organic food typically is grown without the use of heavy, toxic pesticides or genetic modification. And such foods are typically grown by smaller farm operations, usually very local to the consumer, so purchasing them supports the local economy.

  • They are the same, it is just the amount of pesticide that varies.

    As far as I understand, there is no difference at all in the nutritional value between organic foods, and conventional foods. The only real difference is that one has been sprayed with pesticides and fertilizers, and the other one has not. Maybe you could argue that the extra insects in organic produce might be a source of extra protein.

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