• There is nothing that proves anything

    If you pray to a wall, and your prayer comes true, did the wall grant your prayer? No, of course not! It's a bloody wall. All evidence for a god or gods existing is all written by man. Man being a creature that desires to know where things came from, used to create myths to explain them. Why do you think there are literately hundreds of creation myths? All evidence one can provide towards the existence of a god is always superficial. Science will never say there is no god or gods. Why? Because science can't disprove that un-testable. Gods have always been rather fickle in that, when something proves one of their "supernatural" events are purely natural, they tend to slip behind anther unexplained event until someone comes along and disproves that. Right now, the strongest evidence for a god of any kind is merely faith or unwarranted credit for unexplained events. Faith, not being an actual measurable thing, is untouchable by science. Any evidence in the world outside the mind, is all given credit, where credit isn't due. If you don't know what creates a rainbow, saying that God does as a sign, is unwarranted because we know how rainbows are actually made. You wouldn't thank that wall for answering your prayer, so why would you thank someone/something/he/she/it for answering your prayer?

  • There is no evidence

    I have yet to see any evidence of any God, and science has proof for everything that it claims fact. I put my trust in something that supports it's claims and can explain to me exactly how things work. Not much to say here, other than there is no evidence...

  • There is none.

    There is not a shred of objective, verifiable evidence of the existence of ANY god, much less the specific Abrahamic variant I'm assuming the questioner meant here. The best you'll get is touchy-feely stories, "miracles" that conveniently cannot be verified, personal testimony, and logical fallacies by the truck load. Most common- circular logic and the Argument from Ignorance (aka the "God of the Gaps").

  • Yaweh necessitates a lack of complete evidence.

    The question is actually leading the reader to an ultimatum with false ideas of absolute truth. One can have faith in Yaweh without any evidence to prove he exists, but no man can, by it's definition, have faith in Yaweh or Jesus if irrefutable evidence is offered their case.
    In my personal opinion, for those who claim to be Christians should realize this and understand that their beliefs don't stem from fact, but from legend.

  • Nah not really

    Don't get me wrong, I am a Christian, but I must agree, there is no hard evidence of God other than the Bible, and since it was written by man, even that has its flaws. But, that is where faith comes in. It's believing in something against the odds, and maybe, It will pay off.

    Posted by: O.Z
  • None has been shown. End of story.

    No proper evidence for a divine being has been shown. Even if something has been deemed to be evidence, this evidence has only been used to somehow prove God through the use of logical fallacies, rendering the arguments invalid. The association of let's say, a holy book to a divine being does not work.

  • All creation is evidence of the existence of God.

    Everything that He created is proof that He exists. We exist because we were created by God.

    Romans 1:20 says: For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse.

  • Though many would argue about the definition of evidence

    If there was absolute evidence god exists there would be no atheists, we are not stupid. What is sometimes called evidence could be termed hearsay at best i.E. So and so told me he saw god, wouldn't stand up in court. I believe this is where the having faith part comes in, not my bag but each to their own !

  • How can there be no evidence of God's existence?

    Go outside and look up at the night sky. Look at the wonder of the universe we live in. This was not accidental. It was planned. It is too perfect to be otherwise. Only a fool would reject such obvious truths. From my POV, to accept this is not hard. If something is made, there is a creator. From your computer, to the animals, to people, to the planet and the universe. We have a God, and he is a glorious, kind, forgiving God.

  • There is many.

    Philosofical, logical, scienctifical theory's in the Bible proven true, events proven true, proof of the planet. For example, look at the rules of the property's. Where did they come from? If there is a God he can create them. Yet, if there isn't, we assume that it allready has them. Yet, what caused them! There has to be something to give it to them.

  • Evidence that God Exists

    All humans innately possess THE evidence that God exists... The question presupposes knowledge and logic/truth--for which there is no accounting without an Omniscient God.

    Either we sense that our senses are accurate and we reason that our reasoning is valid (both notions being absurdities and logical fallacies)--or we have been imbued with Certain Knowledge by our Creator.

    This cannot be refuted.

  • There is evidence

    Look at the Plants, how they look like they'll die in winter but grow back to life in spring, the evidence is all around you, you just have to watch closely, very very very very very closley! Now see how many close calls you had, where everything seemed impossible! Yet People say that there is no God! I'm a Muslim and We believe there is Only 1 God: Allah! Now you see Allah means God in Arabic so don't get us wrong.

  • There is no explicit evidence for God's existence or non-existence...

    But reason strongly suggests that a creator exists. The odds against our universe obeying the laws of physics are staggering; the odds against our universe operating according to mathematical rules are even more staggering; the odds against our universe having a BEGINNING which was caused by an accidental force of nature... Well, that one is virtually impossible. Whatever caused the universe to exist must be infinite and eternal (since time and space do not exist outside the universe), and thus if that which was necessary to create the universe has always existed, then the universe must always have existed. Because an infinitely old force cannot "begin" to create something... Unless it was a deliberate, conscious act.

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leonardlewis4 says2013-07-06T21:02:24.283
I'd like to know why the question was constructed the way it is? Who asks questions like that? That's like asking, "Did you never learn anything?" :)

Why not rather ask, "Is there evidence that God exists?" or "Is there ANY evidence that God exists?"