• There's no proof that fairies do not exist either.

    Burden of Proof lies with the positive claimant- in other words, the folks claiming some god exists. Atheism is simply the rejection of the theists' claims as unfounded and unsupported by evidence. It does not in and of itself carry a burden of proof.
    Further, one cannot prove universal nonexistence of ANY entity. But a smart person doesn't believe in extraordinary claims without objective, verifiable evidence.

  • The double negatives

    I'm amazed I'm the first one to catch that "Is there no proof that God does not exist", is really saying there is no way to prove that god is a "fake". Really ironic, then to see the arguments in the columns from atheists and believers...Hahaha good stuff...Do carry on.

  • No Good Evidence

    Believers will often claim evidence, but there is no good evidence. Evidence from personal experience or revelation is not verifiable, so should not be accepted as evidence. I have never heard any version of the many classical arguments for the existence of God that can pass skeptical muster. Not only is there no good reason to believe any god exists, there is no good reason to connect any evidence to such a deity.

  • See: Bertrand's Teapot

    The claim for the existence is currently unfalsifiable. This implies that if there is a god it is not a god as we know it (theist: one that answers prayers, miracles, etc | deist: first cause - problem of explaining an extremely complex universe by involving a necessarily exponentially complex entity). Unfalisifiability does not give us an answer (if god does exist or not) but it does give us a reason to doubt the existence of god (as we know it) since belief without evidence is just wishful thinking, and simply wishing for something to be true does not make it so (as far as we know). Stay skeptical, and stay optimistic.

  • Not that I'm aware of.

    In logic, you can argue that a statement is true, if denying it leads to a contradiction (Reductio Ad Absurdum). So it can be structurally valid, in my mind, to show that if God does exist and leads to some contradiction or absurdity, then you can conclude that God does not exist. I can't recall any argument in particular though.

  • Excessive amount of sufferings and injustice in the world PROVES that NO "all powerful benevolent" God could exist

    The fact that is excessive amounts of suffering and injustice, Plus all the horrible terrible living conditions (eg. Disease, Famine, War, Poisons, Natural disasters, Carnivores, Short lifespan, Massive wealth inequalities. . . Etc. ) in this world PROVES that no all-powerful and benevolent supreme God can exist.

    At best, Such a god is powerless to help anyone. At worst, Such a God is uncaring, Or even downright malicious, Enjoying this world's living beings' sufferings, While imposing unjust tyranny. Such a powerful God is just like a demon, And every living being should be in opposition to such horrible demon.

    Therefore amy arugment of a "supreme god" simply falls apart with the ample amounts of evidences of horrible sufferings and injustices in this world - proving that such a God is either a powerless fraud or a downright horrible malcious demon. There is no God, Period.

  • It is an unfalsifiable claim.

    I think proving the non-existent of a thing or entity is an unfalsifiable claim. Therefore, No evidence could be brought to bear on it. The only evidence one has for the non-existence of an entity is non-evidence. Non-evidence, By definition, Cannot be evidence of anything. Absence of evidence does not equal evidence of absence.

  • Neither are possible or not.

    The way our planet works, the trees produce oxygen and we do the opposite, so both can live. And don't forget the perfect tilt. It is all way to perfect for just some big bang or monkey evolution. I can't prove god is real, but I sure can say the earth is to perfect. Perfections don't just happen. Since time started the question has been asked. If this all just happened how did the question come into our minds. The ideal of life itself it is obvious that something happened.

  • We can neither confirm nor deny

    On the subject of God's existence, from the way I see it, we can neither confirm nor deny that God does or does not exist. Whenever I try to be philosophical about this matter for argument's sake, I assert that a divine power must exist: I use the intelligent design argument: the complexity of organisms (humans and animals in particular) suggests a supreme creator.

  • Counter-Arguments For You

    So how does god exist anyway? Who created him? And he cant create himself if no one gave him the powers, so don't give me any "magical, miracles, etc.". And who created the creator of god? And him/her? And so on, and they're all genetically different, unless they asexually reproduced.
    Explain that, people, if god is real!

  • He does exist!

    My friend, you grew up on the wrong side of religion. The Bible through all its revisions and interpretations of languages have always been kept in agreement. Now, there is only one true version per language, for English it is the King James. The reason why I believe the Bible to be accurate are quite simple. You see, both the atheist and the believer have faith, the theory of evolution is simply a guess of why humans are here and has no evidence, that's why it is considered to be a theory (which in definition has no evidence to support it). Same with the Bible. I don't have carnal evidence but neither do you. I can use the same argument that atheist use, well just because we don't really have an explanation of this world doesn't mean God created it. Besides the scientific accordance that the Bible displays to my knowledge in over a hundred of way by human authors of which didn't have the capacity to know of the subject but could have only be known by God at the time the Bible provides perfection. I'm talking about the good old Kind James, a version translated out of the original scripts which would then be sugar coded by other printers. Now, there is no real proof that I know of to really completely provide evidence of stories, but there is a Bible of different authors in different time periods with thousands of prophesies in which came true. The Bible predicted the alliance of the Muslim countries with Russia and the problems in Syria and Israel today. Not only that but the Bible really does a good job in staying in accordance. Even though it was written by many different physical human authors which never met each other. And another good reason why I think God is real is because Darwin never even taught evolution. He didn't even come up with it. He thought that the human race all originated by one cell. But he didn't believe in this enough to even teach it or publish it or nothing. And finally that world is an amazing place. The way our bodies work couldn't have been an accident. The perfection of humans in oppose to other animals. I've been to the Zoo before. And for some reason, when I look at the apes, I see apes, not humans. Why haven't the other apes evolved? If there is such a divine creation and a perfect plant with marvelous creatures, it would be nothing less and weird to say that it was all from a huge explosion from nothing and over billions on years all these things changed by themselves to the perfection they are and now they have stopped for no apparent reason. When I look at a house I don't ask myself, "I wonder how that house build itself over all these years?" Nope, there was a builder with a plan. :)

  • It is contingent entirely on how you define 'God'.

    The God of the Bible, if we interpret the book literally, is proved to be false because the Genesis story is false. If God is infallible, and the Bible is truly his infallible word, then falsehoods in the Bible prove that he does not exist, or at least that he does not exist as an infallible being. Furthermore, if God is defined as omnibenevolent, then Epicurus has proven him to be non-existent too through the problem of suffering. Of course, you can always try defining 'God' in an unfalsifiable way, and if you could, then there could clearly be no way of proving him to be non-existent.

  • Man Created God

    We know the origin of "God" and god-like beings--such ideas came from cultures trying to explain how the world works, not from the word being passed down by an omnipotent being. Obviously God did not create man 6000 years ago; we created the concept of perfection long before that and made God in that image.

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sweetbreeze says2013-07-03T10:56:06.633
Hey, don't look at me, I'm not in this.
chatpaltam says2013-07-03T23:36:23.630
The question is worded so that im not sure what the question is.
Do you mean IS there proof that god does or does not exsist? Well we can reason,
there is proof God exists, simply look around. Our earth is one of a kind.
There is no way all this is evolution. There is no logic for things to evolve the way they have.
In evolution things would have evolved on the basis of need.
Why does any organism once alive and thriving need to evolve?
Where does an organisms brain come from with the power of reason?
Why would any living object have desire to change if its alive to begin with?
Why do humans have a desire to live forever, and seek approval.
Evolution does not explain mankinds foolish violence.
Its still a debate after all these years.
If there is no God, then why do we care so much? Why is there so much violence over it?
Where then would our hope for our future lie?
If there is no God, then the earth would be more violent than it is for no one would have any moral compass what so ever and people would either kill each other out of animalistic violence, or the world would be all good because no one would have reason for competition.
We all would have the same things.
But we dont.
Something drives many humans to be greedy, selfsh and violent.
And there is something that drives other humans to worship an unseen being with faith hope and love
liscense2kill007 says2013-07-04T22:22:06.223
^ Dang no longer first
liscense2kill007 says2013-07-04T22:25:41.057
Got into reading you argument, and well I hate to break it to you, but there is inhibition to kill each other and steal etc born into us all, nothing to do with any religion. There is a reason what is considered illegal has been similar across the world since the Code of Hammurabi.
arrivingatdeparture says2013-07-05T04:54:07.767
God is unfalsifiable, guys; is there no proof that god does not exist? Yes; is there no proof that god does exist? Yes = Unfalsifiable.

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