• Yes, Christianity is right.

    Christianity is the one true religion. Christianity is the only religion that explains our place in the world, our relationship with our creator and our creator's will. Christianity is a religion of compassion--a religion of worshiping the one true God. Some religions offer similar narratives to what Christians believe; however, those religions are fake.

  • There is one God .

    There is only one God , all the rest are man made or the devil in disguise , and it's not difficult to tell which is which . If a religion is leaving a lot of dead and broken bodies behind , that is the devil . Another religion boasts of a guy who walked on water , could feed thousands of people at any time with just two fish , and healed any andall disease with a touch of His hand , (and is still doing so thru His followers today) then that is obviously the real thing . Its only hard if you make it be ,

  • Common Sense Proves This To Be True

    Two contradicting things/ideas cannot be true at the same time. This should be very simple to understand. For example, a fish cannot be both living and dead at the same time, it has to be one or the other. The same thing goes for religions, which often contradict each other in more ways than one. Two conflicting beliefs cannot be true at the same time. Only one religion will be true.

  • There is evidence.

    Not all religions are just belief. There is evidence that researchers and historians have done on what religion is right. The evidence shows that Jesus really lived. The evidence shows that Jesus really had disciples and prophets. The evidence shows that he was crucified and that he rose from the dead.

  • There is but one God and He is not hard to find .

    Basic qualifications for being the one true God include the ability to walk on water , write a book that accurately predicts the future , and heal incurable disease with just the touch of His hand (and is still doing so thru His followers). The devil in disguise is also easy to spot: his followers are prone to beheading others, being rotten to women and Jews , and leaving trails of dead and broken bodies in their wake . Its only hard if you make it be .

  • There is one right religion.

    I've seen a bunch of idiots up above me say that "Christianity is the right religion" and "There is only one God" instead of actually *answering* the question here. As I believe that there are too many religions that have conflicting views, and that without any religion or non-religious set of beliefs, there's no point to living, there can only be one right one. A different thing though, is "Which religions is the right one?". I think everyone should stop trying to answer that question if it isn't being asked.

  • There is only one God

    I don't believe there are several Gods. Because one god created the universe. The religion is important for us it gives us a belief and hope whatever you call it and know it, can be named Buda, Cristo, Muhammad, these people was important because they came to teach us that there is a god.
    One god for the planet, for the universe, only that god is disguised according to our culture. To get closer for him or her

  • Only One Thing Can be True

    Of course there can only be one belief that is right. You can only be in one state. You can't be "sleeping for eternity" whilst being with God - you're either one or the other (out of those two).

    I personally believe that one religion at the end of the day has to be correct. I believe it's Christianity but it could be Buddhism, Islam, who knows? But once you die you will either go somewhere or will just be "sleeping" for eternity. You can't do both at the same time.

  • Multiple Religions = Unlikely

    The mere fact that there are multiple religions means that there is a high uncertainty of which religion is correct. Not to mention the hundreds upon hundreds of religious sects sprouted from religions, or even other sects.

    To put it simply, it is highly unlikely that there is a 'true religion'.

  • No religion is right.

    Just like no Harry Potter novel is realistic, and no junk food is healthy. Religions are mutually exclusive, and all contradict with modern science. I don't trust the bible more than Greek mythology. Science is based on evidence, while religion is based on the wild imagination of bronze age folks and ''I feel it this way''.

  • There is no one correct religion.

    The idea that one religion is correct with multiple religions, basically makes it impossible for one to be correct. Maybe all of them are right. From my opinion all of them are wrong. All religions are basically identical with the same basics. Love god, don't be a jerk, be a good person, and be rewarded in heaven, or reincarnated to get closer to Nirvana or any other of the other religions say.

  • No There Is No Religion Considered To Be Right.

    If you think about it where is the factual evidence that any religion is correct. Also if there is one correct religion why is there so many other ones to choose from, let alone what you choose to believe in/worship. You could choose to believe in anything you wanted to, doesn't, mean that it's correct. Yes, there's evidence that Jesus was a real person. How do you know it wasn't a book someone decided to write one day or a creative writing class for someone. We have no knowledge that any of this ever happened, and if it did why isn't some of this stuff still happening today. Talking burning bushes don't exist. What makes you think anything else that you believe in exists. You believe what you want, but you'll never know for sure if anything you know is real...

  • Of Course Not

    How does one even ask this question? Sure, there's still a chance that Christianity is right about everything or that Islam is right about everything, however that chance is minuscule at best. The fact that there are so many religions out there in the world all claiming they're the one true religion just discredits this argument further. Of course there isn't one true religion that's true.

  • There is no proof of Religion

    I know many people say that this argument is flawed, but the burden of proof is on the accuser - I have to prove there is an invisible mouse in my house, not the other way round. No religion is correct. And before you say "Atheism is a religion" the official definition of atheism is the lack of a religion. It is a "religion" in the same way bald is a hairstyle or off is a TV channel - it is the absence of religion.

  • There is no one right Religion. All religions are correct.

    All religions of the world, represent the same God in their own way. Some of the traditions and rituals that are part of the religion, may be very eerie and unfamiliar to our tastes. But no one religion is right, after all we are all humans and interpret our sacred scriptures differently, than what the Creator intended for us. We are all united with each other, even though we may speak differently, look differently, believe differently but are all created from the same form. The important thing is, we believe in what God truly is and respect other's opinions and perspectives upon this given topic of faith. "God loves each of us as if there were only one of us." - Saint Augustine

  • There is little evidence of religion being correct

    A lot of these statements on the "yes" option just show how deluded some people can be. Yes, there is evidence that Jesus existed, but how could you possibly prove that he is the creator of the universe? The fact that multiple religions exist and are practised based on geographic location show religion cannot be taken seriously in an age where we have begun to find out thing for ourselves

  • Religion is a crutch

    People are afraid of afterlife. That is why religion exists. People are scared and want to know instead of people now. Be now becuase this is the only thing that actually exist. Future is an illusion past is an illusion. Everything is everything and nothing. Religion blinds people from opening there eyes up to a world of endless possibilities.

  • There is no right religion; all are correct

    What makes the world so interesting is all of the different kinds of people. There are different languages, cultures, fashions, traditions, and, yes, religions. Without these religions a lot of people would feel lost or without a purpose. Many people who have faced despair and hopelessness have "found themselves" in religion, and their devotion to their god(s) improved their lives very much. To say that only one religion is right is simply betraying the right for people to have their own beliefs.
    Imagine you are very devoted to your religion; it is one of the things that guides you and gives you hope. Now imagine everyone saying that was incorrect. It would be simply unfair to say this.
    In conclusion, to say that one religion is correct is unfair and should not be said.

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