• For me there is only one true way to boil an egg

    I learn how to boil eggs by my mother when I was growing up. To my knowledge unless someone has come up with a better way to do it, this is the only way that its done. That is placing the eggs in a pan of water. Letting the water boil then timing the eggs from there for the desired time you wish usually around five to fifteen minutes depending on how done you want them to be.

  • As long as the egg comes out hardboiled, who cares?

    My husband and I argue over this frequently. He is a firm believer in letting the water come to a boil, adding the egg, and letting it boil for 10 minutes. I, however, do it differently. I add the egg to the cold water, let it come to a full boil, put the lid on, remove it from the heat, and let it sit for 10 minutes. The difference? Absolutely nothing. We both get perfectly hard boiled eggs. If the end result is the same, why does the process really matter?

  • There are more ways than one

    There are more ways than one to correctly boil an egg. This is because as long as the egg is boiled long enough, whether at a low boil or high boil, the egg will cook through. All you need to worry about with hard boiled eggs is that they've been cooked enough to kill bacteria.

  • More than One way

    There are many ways to boil an egg. Some people place the egg in a pot with water and boil it from cold. Some wait for the water to boil before putting in the cold egg. Some people can even boil an egg in the microwave. Many people boil their eggs for 10 minutes, and some even for 20 minutes.

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