Is there pressure to be skinny and "perfect" rather than curvy?

  • God yes women are judge on how their look

    The pressure to be thin is enormous , girl's and women are give mix message's ,there told to be thin and beautiful. Then told not to use there looks to get ahead in life.But society constant valves women mainly on there looks and the women who are thin ,seem to make the most money,look at Katie price ,she made a career mainly on her looks. Can you say the same thing for a women nurse , how much money will she make over her lifetime using her brain power Compare to Katie Price.I wrote a interesting article on my blog on how women ,are judge on there looks, please check the link below


  • Yes there is

    There is and always will be pressure to maintain a healthy body weight. Not only is cellulite less visually appealing, but maintaining a healthy body weight shows discipline, restraint, and work ethic in a potential partner. Coupled with all of the health risks associated with being overweight, I see no excuse not to be at a healthy weight

  • Yes, there is pressure to be skinny.

    Yes I agree that there is a lot of pressure to be skinny and "perfect" in society. It is prevalent throughout our everyday lives, from magazine covers to reality TV. We believe that looking this way will make our lives easier, when we should be accepting everyone for who they are.

  • Yes, women face this pressure.

    Most women from the time they are little girls feel the pressure from others and from the media to be skinny rather than curvy, unless at that time in history curvy is the desired body form. We are always trying to conform to something and we need to stand up against this tyranny for there is no such thing as perfection.

  • It is the norm.

    Yes, there is pressure to be skinny and perfect rather than curvy, because that is what our society glorifies. To look in the checkout aisle, you see pictures of skinny women. Women who have curves are pictured in the tabloids with their faults circled. Our society only appreciates one type, and that is skinny.

  • Yes There Is

    I believe there is pressure to be skinny and "perfect" rather than curvy. I believe this is upheld from the fashion industry and the medical industry. It would seem that there is a full on assault of obesity and I can't say that is a bad thing, but it's hard to break eating habits.

  • I feel the opposite

    I feel the heaps of body positivity in today's society morphing into pressure to NOT be thin. It is taught that every body is different, and girls shouldn't be thin to love themselves. It is also a big point in our society that "men prefer girls with meat on their bones". Girls have a higher desire to have full breasts, a large rump, and thick thighs more than ever. Girls who want to be thin are viewed as ones who don't love themselves.

    Posted by: Jsb7
  • I feel the opposite

    I've always heard that people say all womens must have an hour glass figure to be real women though i never believed it. It seems many people still want ghetto booties or curvy figures or big hips, all things I hate by the way. I would rather be a srick figure.

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