• There is no hard proof

    Yes, there is no hard proof, but there is faith. I have faith in God, and Jesus Christ, and I believe that one day I will go to Heaven. I'm a Christian, but there is no physical way to prove there is heaven, but i will say it AGAIN. I have faith that there is a heaven and that same faith will get me there. My mother is a nurse at a nursing home, and she has told me stories of people that she know that were Christians that died in peace, and she has told me that there she has been in the room with people that were not Christians they died screaming and crying saying "Don't let me go. I don't want to go!"

  • Yep. There is a proof.

    Okay> here is my proof that heaven exists. Some of the premesis may be disputed, but please realize that there is evidence for them too.

    1. Christianity is a true religion
    2. The Bible is true
    3. The Bible tells us that heaven is real
    4. Therefore heaven is real

    There are personal testimonies too, but I do not know how accurate those are.
    Bottom line: if Christianity is true, so is heaven.

  • Not any real proof, anyway.

    Outside of supposed religious experiences and books that have been reinterpreted hundreds of times, there is no concrete proof. Belief isn't enough to prove it, though you can believe without proof. I doubt there can ever be proof until we die, so until then it can only be a belief and not a proven fact.

  • Even if the christian heaven was real

    I still wouldn't want to spend forever there. Here is my reason, if sin is the byproduct of free will, and there is no sin in heaven, then there is no free will in heaven. There is also the fact that god could here and know what you think all the time, and you don't have any choice. That doesn't sound like eternal bliss to me, that sounds like prison.

  • No certainly not

    Anyone that claims otherwise is deluded .Even the use of the word proof is problematic because these deluded individuals normally come up with the usual tripe " it's faith " . It's quiet incredible most people ask for evidence of most things but when it comes to this they go on faith it's a form of madness .

  • No, unfortunately, though some might disagree vehemently.

    No, there is no proof that heaven exists. Although some people who claim to have had near-death experiences recall similar visuals (white light) and a sort of "beckoning" feeling toward the light, that in itself is not a description of what heaven, among those who like to describe it, suggest that it is.

  • Looking for Heaven

    No, there is no proof that Heaven exists. Just because a lot of people believes it exists doesn't mean it does. Also, just because it's mentioned in the bible and other religious texts, that doesn't mean it's real either. It's possible that Heaven is just an idea that someone created to give humanity hope for life after death.

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