• Agnosticism is reasonable if Relativism is reasonable

    While a great deal of Agnostics may be thinking they are serious, they are not. But for those that are serious Agnostics, i.e. thinking that there is a God, but Jesus may not be the son of God, or something like that, it's a form of relativism. In other words, what suits you.

  • Agnosticism is as valid as anything.

    Trying to establish a "proof of agnosticism" is wildly ironic and super hilarious to me. An agnostic does not need to establish anything in order to be considered valid. An agnostic just is because of the way they believe in things. There does not need to be any proof of validity.

  • The proof is in the fact that there are multiple religions (and atheism). . . .

    If the existence of God was "provable" (or the non-existence of such a diety), Then everybody would belong to the same religion (or be atheist). The fact that people belong to different religions or are atheists proves in itself that you cannot come up with indisputable, Concrete proof of such a diety. There is simply unwavering FAITH.

    The word "faith" in and of itself is proof of the validity of agnosticism. To have faith in a diety (or non-existence of one) simply means - according to the dictionary: to have "strong BELIEF in God or in the doctrines of a religion, Based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof" - and of course the case is belief in the opposite of this when it comes to atheism.

    "Belief" and "Knowledge" of something is not the same thing, As they are not synonyms. Therefore Agnosticism is valid.

  • Yes, agnosticism is always valid.

    What agnostics basically say is that they do not know about the truths of this world and what lies behind it. So there is nothing to prove. That means that the theory of agnosticism is always a valid one. It is the classic human stance of being willing to find out later.

  • Yes agnosticism is the one religion you can prove.

    It is very easy to prove agnosticism. Just look around at the world at all the different religions, all who believe they are the true religion and you see proof. The answer is we don't know which is the real religion and if there even is one. So if you are agnostic you have evidence of why.

  • Valid, Yes, Effective, No

    The key issue here is that "True" agnosticism is nearly impossible. However, many people do not take a definite stance for either theism or atheism. Thus, Pantheists and Deists tend to call themselves agnostic while truly leaning one way or the other. Someone who is truly 50/50 or believes that they cannot know must partake in a serious mental juggling act simply to maintain their lack of view.

  • God has plans for our lives.

    No, there is not proof that agnosticism is valid, because humans do not always know God's plan. It is awfully arrogant of a human to think that they know better than the creator of the universe. It is hard to do, but people need to trust in God's plan. Agnostics want to believe themselves, when they are just people, and God is God.

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