• The answer is an obvious yes

    It is more than one hundred percent certain that Moses spoke the truth in Genesis when Moses said that God created the universe a long time ago. The universe and life are not without a divine cause. They are testament to an all powerful creator who has shown His great power.

  • Yes, I Believe There Is a God

    First, I would like to say that for a website with Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Rastafarians, and other religious groups, it is shocking to me that 100% of people answered no. I guess I'll be the only person, or at least the first person, to answer yes.
    Now, I will state my reason for believing what I do. In defending their position in the face of life's incredible complexity, atheists like to rely on chance. The classic "monkeys on a typewriter" argument is used. However, probability does not actually exist. Everything in this universe (maybe not humans and other sentient beings, who have souls) is 100% predictable. Doing the same thing over and over again with the exact same conditions every time will not result in something new. If every factor is just right, life could form in a single "try." But if the factors are not right, life will never form by itself, no matter how many "tries" there are. The "multiverse" theory is often used to debunk the fine-tuning argument. But as I stated before, unless every factor is right, 1 trillion universes will not bring about a single fine tuned universe. Chance will not bring about a single fine tuned universe. Therefore, I believe something had to create our universe. Or someone, and that someone is God.

  • I believe so.

    I'm not going to pretend that I can prove that there is a God/gods, because I know I can't. For the same reasons, it cannot be proven that God/gods aren't real. The only thing I can say is that most people believe in some sort of divine being or beings.

  • There is physical evidence.

    It has been written in the bible that there was once a Jesus Christ, and he has changed the world. I have personally witnessed people being healed under his name and heard of stories of people casting demons out. All of these things have been witnessed in the bible too. In the bible when Jesus died, he was put into a tomb in a mountain and a large boulder was rolled to cover it up. Scientists have actually found the real tomb where Jesus has stayed and that's physical evidence that god is real.

  • Obviously God does exist.

    God must exist or else we couldn't argue his existence or nonexistence. There actually isn't anything that is arguable that is non existent. Some things just haven't been proven yet. The earth revolves around the sun, the earth is round, Men can fly, cars have been made, underground railroads exist. Heck I even saw a samsung commercial with a secret spy watch, that didn't exist except in someone's imagination. The imagination is a wonderful thing. Even things that can exist have to be thought of in the Imagination first. Now there are other things that exist but I am unaware of, such as unidentified bugs in the rainforest. I don't know how many bugs are unidentified or what the unidentified bugs look like, but several unknown bugs have already been found so there are probably more. Being that there is no magic and there are laws of physics and laws of mechanics, I can only believe that any circumvention of those laws are the work of God.

  • Who is Jesus?

    Jesus claimed to be God, and it is undisputed that he lived, walked on earth and died on a cross. There is very good historical evidence regarding this.
    Jesus was either a liar, a lunatic or he was who he said he was- God. This is one of many reasons I have for trusting God exists.

  • Unbiased Artifacts form the Era

    From the time period that the bible is estimated to take place, there are several unbiased accounts of Jesus having exsisted and working miracles. These accounts were written by individuals who did not even believe that he was the mesiah, but did acknowledge that he had superhuman abilities to work miracles and bring out the greater good of all the people he came into contact with. Unless Jesus was a wizard, there had to be some kind of higher, great power that embodied him. This power was god.

  • Yes, God Exists, or Humans Would Not

    God created the universe, the earth, and all the people on it. No other explanation
    of why the universe exists makes sense. Everything we know has a beginning, a
    continuation, and an end. Therefore, the universe must have had a beginning.
    What else could have started up the universe than some great sovereign, vast and
    powerful beyond our understanding? Belief in His incomprehensible power and
    grace adds meaning and purpose to our inconsequential human lives.

  • Yes I think there is a God.

    "The best data we have are exactly what I would have predicted had I nothing to go on but the five books of Moses, the Psalms, and the Bible as a whole."
    Arno Penzias ~ Nobel Prize for Physics for the co-discovery of Cosmic Background Radiation

    After Albert Einstein peered through Hubble's telescope; God became a logical necessity.

  • Why wouldn't there be

    Think of it this way, even if there is no god if you believe in one there is no consequence. And if there is a god and did believe in him then you will be rewarded. There is nothing for you to lose and to be honest without a god that just begs the question what is the point of life.

  • Touch. Taste. Smell. Hear. See. He does not exsist.

    None of our humans senses can detect this apparently omni-present God, only the heads in the clouds of fantasy world claim to be able to detect his presence. Based off no evidence whatsoever, or lies. Take your pick, but that's just that. This is a natural world, and christians should just accept that there is no God.

    You do not need to be afraid, In my personal perspective, being an atheist has made me feel more christ-like than I ever have as a mormon.

  • Show the evidence

    This supporting argument says why I agree with my stance. The god stance has no supporting argument. In fact there are no verifiable facts for the existence of god, unless god is the house I live in. However most people associate god with the supernatural and so we can comfortably say there is no god.

  • Probably not, faith doesn't prove anything.

    History has depicted thousands of gods, all were said to be real and the reality is that they are probably not. It is far more likely that their is some form of life outside our solar system, perhaps life that would be capable of space travel. Honestly though if one of the world religions was right statistically speaking there would be more than one god or goddess and simply faith in what you read our are taught is simply not enough to prove that there is a god or gods. A simple example of this being true is,
    I have faith humans can fly
    I jump of a cliff
    Can humans fly?

  • It's extremely unlikely.

    As there is no evidence to support the existence of any god- particularly not the specific variants popular in our society- there is no logical reason to believe that any exist. The universe and everything in it show no need for or evidence of any supernatural intervention in any way.

  • God does not exist.

    I personally believe in proof and evidence not "faith". If you brought this question to court, what do you think the jury would decide? Law is based off fact, evidence, and truth. So why shouldn't our personal beliefs be based off the same? If there were a god, why does he get to be responsible for all the good in the world, yet not the bad. Not the terrorism , not the unscrupulous crimes, not the terrible disasters that happen and kill millions of lives. Why would he give us the ability to create these things to destroy our earth? In the bible they discuss not believing in homosexuality, it is a sin. So if god is the creator of everyone and everything, why would he make homosexuals? People who were born attracted to the same gender. And if you believe people choose to be gay, why would someone KILL themselves if they could simply just be attracted to the other gender? How can someone be so cruel as to make people that will go to hell. This has been a major question for the world for centuries, but finally I believe religion is on the decline as we are progressing in our tools and information.

  • No Evidence For A God.

    There is no evidence for a god or gods, and until there is, I am not going to believe in any, just like I am not going to believe in unicorns or leprechauns until there is evidence for their existence. And no, puppies and rainbows and human conscientious aren't evidence.

  • No there is no such thing

    How could there be? If there was a god, why would it allow innocent babies to be born with horrible painful diseases or horribly disfigured? I mean if I was god, I could never allow such atrocities to befall innocent children. So, that means what, if God exists, I have more compassion than God? Not much of a "god" then is it? Certainly not worth worshipping anyway!

  • No there is not

    There is not a god. What would god be made of in the universe there is only matter and energy. Energy is not alive. Matter gets older and decays and turns to dirt. So god is not made of matter or energy. There's nothing else that god could be made of therefore god simply does not exist.

  • God is not real.

    I believe science is the most logical form of truth. Evolution has been proven to be real, but there are deniers who say,
    "The bible said Adam and Eve came first, so everything in the bible is true. No objections." Thats just like saying,
    " This book says pigs can fly and tomatoes are poisonous. If this book says that, then it has to be true, there's no way it can be proven wrong!"
    Christianity thinks the bible is the book that is all true, when there are so many inconsistencies in it. If god was real, why would he create us to question his existence? Why would he make LGBT people when the bible considers that a sin? Why would he allow other religions in the world? If he was all great 100% good, why would he just let all those genocides, murders, wars, and hardships just happen? If that happened, then he would essentially be satan, as satan loves evil and suffering according tho the bible. The existence of god is also tied to the question what is the point of life. People say to help others, love everything, follow god, but for me, I say live life to experience the world as it is. Not live life following a fictional character.

  • No, he never has and never will, god is a centrist though

    How could there be a god. If we simply encased new borns in a enclosed sphere where we tough them Harry Potter sorcery and what not they could grow up to believe it and trust it but it wouldn't make it real. You could show them a carved stick and say its a wand. Make some stories etc. At the end there is no physical evidence of magic. There is absolutely no evidence of God or a God. It's plain ignorant to believe in something you can't explain. I don't believe the boson particle exists. I believe I heard the people at CERN say they have found the boson particle. My evidence is what I heard not what actually happened.

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