Is there really a God who created the world and everything in and beyond it?

Asked by: SuperNova45
  • Yes God is real and He alone created everything

    The same as no book can create itself, but needs the designer, the DNA- the instruction book for life could not be created on its own. The DNA is the most complicated and mind blowing “program” ever existed, and could be only created by someone very intelligent. Big Bang doesn’t fit here.

  • Since it takes faith ....

    Faith is a belief in something, (anything, not only a religious faith, that doesn't require empirical truth. Love, loyalty, God, etc. So to prove or disprove God without a doubt is impossible. Thing is, when we look at the existence of the universe & earth, even all scientists are not sure on this matter. The earth requires over 200 parameters to coincide with each other for earth to be habitable. If one fails, the earth is not as it is. & the 4 forces that came about with the Big Bang had to be exact in proportion or it would never have come to be. It is said that the chances of this happening by chance is one in one quintilion. That is heads coming up that many times in a row. That be 1 with 18 zeros US or 30 zeros after it.

  • Is there really a God who created the world and everything in and beyond it? Yes Most Definitely.

    God is Real. Every creation needs a creator and ours is evidently a creation. This creation should also has a creator. Now this creator is not a magician with a magic wand but is very subtle and nuanced in its approach towards its creation. Our creation would not have evolved in any other means other than by an intelligent creator.

  • This depends on who you ask. Of my own understanding, this would be no.

    I believe the universe and everything in it was created via the Big Bang Theory, not the creationism story which I believe hold errors.

    The very idea of God and the foundation upon which he is determined to be (eternal, uncaused, omnipotent, omnibenevolent, omniscience) is illogical to me. Those who do believe it find this to easily be logical to them. It's a difference in logic.

    If you decide to comment on my opinion, be respectful about it and I will be respectful towards you.

  • God is Nowhere

    Creation of our Universe is purely natural. Theists Coincide it with God. Just few questions to theists who believe in God.
    1. If the God created Universe who created God?
    2. If God controls everything happening in World(that includes all murders, rapes, infanticides, war), why does he not getting any sin to his credit?

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