• Christmas controversy is for Real.

    Controversies have arisen regarding the celebration or acknowledgment of the Christmas holiday (or the lack thereof) in government, media, advertising, retail, and various secular environments. The controversy also includes objections to policies that prohibit government or schools from forcing unwilling participants to take part in Christmas ceremonies. In the past, Christmas-related controversy was mainly restricted to concerns of a public focus on secular Christmas themes such as Santa Claus and gift-giving, rather than the birth of Jesus.

    Modern-day controversy occurs mainly in countries such as the United States, Canada, and to a much lesser extent the United Kingdom. This usually involves governments or corporations avoiding the day's association with Christianity to be multiculturally sensitive. In recent decades in the United States, public, corporate, and the federal government mention of the term "Christmas" during the Christmas and holiday season has declined and been replaced with a generic term, usually "holiday" or "holidays," to avoid referring to Christmas by name and/or to be inclusive of other end-of-year observances such as Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. Popular non-religious aspects of Christmas, such as Christmas trees, lights, and decorating are still prominently showcased and recognized, but are associated with unspecified "holidays" rather than with Christmas. Also, several US chain retailers, such as Walmart, Macy's, and Sears, have experimented with greeting their customers with "Happy Holidays" or "Season's Greetings" rather than with "Merry Christmas".

    Some supporters of using terms such as "Happy Holidays" in place of "Merry Christmas", including some atheists and agnostics as well as some adherents of non-Christian religions and Christians who do not observe Christmas as a religious holiday, may remind others that many of the symbols and traditions that Western societies have come to associate with Christmas, such as caroling, Christmas trees, mistletoe, holly wreaths and yule logs, were originally syncretized from pre-Christian pagan traditions and festivals that predate Jesus. They argue, then, that such symbols and traditions need not be directly associated with Christmas. Some opponents have denounced the generic term "Holidays" and avoidance of using the term "Christmas" as being politically correct.

  • The War On Christmas Is Real and It's Being Waged by Christians.

    The Christmas warriors have officially jumped the shark. In a bizarre, disturbing (who brags about sneaking a gun into a coffee shop??), and lie filled rant (no, Starbucks wasn't mad and no, they didn't hate what happened), self-appointed religious watchdog Joshua Feuerstein decided to lob the latest volley in the make believe War On Christmas™ by portraying a subtle design change in Starbucks' holiday cups as some sort of heinous attack on the Christian faith.

    A subtle change that in no way whatsoever involved Christian iconography being removed.

    Read for more information:


  • Oh. My. God. Really?

    Is this because of Josh Feuerstein? There is NO WAR on Christmas!
    Most people in America celebrate Christmas, pretty much everyone says merry Christmas! Atheists (such as moi) celebrate Christmas!
    If you are talking about the Jesus heavy Christmas then seriously, learn history.
    Jesus Christ (if he was real) was NOT born on December 25, that was a Pagan holiday which was jacked by Christians. Also not everyone is Christian so don't go around acting like everyone has to say its Jesus' birthday. It isn't a war on Christmas, it is trying to be inclusive.
    Just because Christianity doesn't have a STRANGLEHOLD on society doesn't mean you are being "persecuted." Get over it.

  • Oh come on

    There is no war on Christmas it's just people respecting all religions during the holidays. Now people think that since we are showing respect we are automatically starting a war on christianity. By telling someone happy holidays we are telling them "Whatever holiday you celebrate, I hope it's fun. The war on christianity is just a bunch of babies who can't handle the fact that their religion isn't the only one that matters.

  • Just a bunch of babies

    Christians like to push their religion on everyone else and get mad when people don't swallow their ignorant dogmas. Then they turn around and say they're the ones being persecuted when groups like gays finally receive their rights. News Flash Christians: Not being able to persecute others IS NOT persecution.

  • No, there isn't.

    Christians are just pissed that they aren't the center of attention. Even atheists celebrate Christmas and Christmas isn't even about Jesus. Jesus was most likely born in September not December. You know that you need to look at yourself in a mirror when you're complaining about a freaking coffee cup.

  • Since when did Christians own December?

    The idea of a "war on Christmas" is all a plea for attention by the Christian community. They want their religion to be known as the ONLY religion in the US and the world. Saying that a company "hates Jesus" simply because their coffee cups aren't adorned with a snowman or snow flakes is immature. Since when have snowmen been symbolic of the Christian faith????

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