Is there really anything wrong with being gay?

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  • What If Everyone Were Gay?

    Being gay is wrong from a species and societal standpoint. A simple way to tell if something is wrong in those regards is to ask yourself "If everyone did this, would it create a problem for our species or society as a whole?" If everyone were to instantly and permanently become gay, YES, it most certainly creates a problem, to wit: There is no reproduction. The population slowly dwindles as people die and are never replaced, until humans are extinct.

  • Everyone supporting it has their logic seriously messed up.

    First of all, there is not one example of another species that reproduces using homosexual means because it is not natural and it is not possible.
    Secondly, it is a choice to be gay. The reason people feel the need to be gay is because that is how society is telling them to express themselves and its the only way to be different. The devil has this generation wrapped around his finger.
    Thirdly, love is love is a completely ridiculous argument. What if a 50 year old man loved a 13 year old girl? What if she loved him back? Would that be okay because "love is love"? I personally don't believe so but if you do that's your opinion. You could argue that he was born that way, that some chemical in his brain made him do it, that it wasn't his choice. Sadly you wouldn't get any support because for some odd reason we Americans know that's wrong, even if some of us believe "love is love" and we deserve to "love who we love". Talk about double standard huh?
    Fourthly, I know the one true religion is against it. For all 15 years of my life I have never been as sure as I am now that God is real and he loves each and everyone of us. I have listened to other religions, other teachings, but I haven't found another one that has made as much sense as Jesus does. Evolution is not the right way even though many kids today now believe that turn to Jesus and all of your trouble and shame will be washed away by the blood He spilt for you. The cross is not a sigh of misery but, rather, a sign of victory. Victory over everything that is happening in your life. Be still Beloved, God sees and God cares.

  • GOD did not create them gay.

    Yes, there is something wrong with being gay. First LORD has made people not to be gay or lesbian. The Bible says clearly that GOD condemns it, being gay or lesbian is a sin, as it is a sin, it was never good. GOD will punish all the gay and lesbian people, if they don't change and apologize for their sins. On Bible we can find the right answer, and what I said is the right answer. Why do many people think ''being gay has nothing wrong''? They think so, because of their society, the society most of time makes something wrong seems to be good in our view point, but I advise people to consider more the Holy Scriptures, 'cause there we find the right answers

  • Let's face it. It isn't supposed to happen...

    Being gay will make you unable to reproduce. And that's why there are two sexes in every species. That's just the way it is supposed to be. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against someone being gay. My best friend is gay. If you came out being gay, good for you. You're honest and brave. But if everyone were gay, human kind would slowly vanish. Don't play the 'You can adopt' card, because after all the gay couples adopt and there is no one reproducing children anymore because were all gay and so there are no orphans then we just die out no? Yeah, I'm afraid that's how it is. I just think that we shouldn't promote the fact that gay marriage is now legal in some countries and/or in some states. If you're gay then you're gay. Okay, cool, moving on. But we shouldn't advertise the fact that some celebrity has come out being gay. These are rolemodels and they shouldn't be admired for their sexuality. They should be admired for their talent and honesty and so on and so forth. It really is a delicate subject. And I think people really need to compare both sides of the argument fairly.

  • Love is love?!

    Love is love?! So if you love your cat, would it be okay to marry it? If an old man (40) loved a really young girl (15) in the wrong way would that be okay because its "love"? If someone loved an an animal would it be fine to make love to it? I don't think so. This is something that just isn't ment to be. The purpose behind love is reproduction. That cant happen with same sex. It is wrong. Even nature is against it. Get a grip. Deal with it. Don't want to be mean but if you claim that you were born gay, then you were born mentally confused. Sorry. Its as twisted as humanity can get. I rest my case.

  • What makes you happy...

    In this life we are not to judge anyone for we all have a mind of our own. If being gay makes you happy who are other people to say that it is wrong. Im 28 years old. I have a good job but not happinessn. Im GAY and proud.

  • Oh the age of blind tolerance

    Claim #1. Banning homosexual marriage is discrimination!

    Laws are enacted to reflect natural law and the moral preferences of the citizenry. Incest, bigamy, polygamy and pedophilia are all sexual practices or "relationships" which society has deemed to be immoral, even without legal justification. Veering away from the true definition of marriage is a dangerous venture. When the almost 6000 year old assumption that marriage is the exclusive covenant between one man and one woman is redefined to include same sex couples, traditional marriage is no longer an exclusive arrangement. Homosexuals are attempting to change thousands of years of normative practice. If we persist to keep erasing and redrawing the lines or boundaries that society deems fit and acceptable for sexual relationships, who can say for certain that any of the aforementioned practices will not legally exist in the future. Nobody in this thread can deny that we are all here by means of a heterosexual union.

    Claim #2. Homosexuals didn't choose to be homosexual, thus should have the same rights given to heterosexuals.

    There are ZERO CREDIBLE peer reviewed studies which conclude people are born homosexual. There are three ways to test for inborn traits: twin studies, brain dissections, and gene linkage studies. No method to date has proven an inborn trait which leads to homosexuality. There are literally thousands who are living proof homosexuals can change their sexual desires to heterosexual. Dr. Robert L. Spitzer -- the renowned gay-activist psychiatrist in the early 70's who successfully managed to have homosexuality removed from the American Psychiatric Association's list of mental disorders -- has published work that shows evidence of change in sexual orientation. It is in the Archives of Sexual Behavior. It takes some very light research -- look it up. This is not just some anecdote to brush over. If you really believe it is a choice, you're ignorant.

  • Nothing wrong with it

    I'm lesbian myself. If anyone wants to say that God objects against homosexuality, then think about the fact that God created everyone. He shaped you. I'm only 11 and I know that I was born this way. What is wrong with you people that say homosexuality is wrong!!!!!! That's my opinion.

  • It is unnatural...

    First off. I am not a believer in any man made faith or religion. I have my own beliefs. With that being said, I know that it is wrong. It actually churns my stomach to see two guys just together. No pda needed. This is not what nature intended. Sodomy is extremely hazardous to the health of both women and men. Also it is among the greatest spreaders of diseases. Aids is spread most this way. That is probably why it is pushed so hard by the media(being gay). There are many documents that prove there is a depopulation effort(agenda 21)or really a eugenics movement being carried out on the general population. More disease and less babies. Of course this is one of many other methods.

    It is wrong for women as well. Although it does not churn MY stomach (the idea mind you, two bull dykes munching on each other would probably do the trick. Two super models is hot. Still wrong though.) It is wrong and unhealthy as well. Many vaginal infections and/or diseases can spread lez to lez among many other health risks heterosexual women do not face. So even though I think two gorgeous women going to town on each other is hot, I would rather it not happen.

    My objections to homosexuallity are firstly based off of morality. Then just common sense. It is clear men and women are ment to be paired. This has been the natural order of things since life began on earth.

    I'm tired of all the political correct bs that has totally been the greatest disease in American history. People are actually afraid to practice their first amendment rights. Part of that is because of extremist homosexuals(Among socialist, facist, muslims, all liberals, communists that pose as progressives, and the far far right.) that want to force their lifestyle even on those whom want nothing to do with it.

    What ever happened to the individual mentioned in the constitution? Now there is special interest. Now there is gay privilege, black privilege, and now Muslim privilege. All other Americans be damned. This is why our founding fathers put "individual" in the constitution. Not white american or gay american. They knew we would be diverse and they didn't want that to divide us. The gay movement has divided us. As well as black lives matter and any other liberal/progressive group. Rhetoric and chaos.

    For the record I don't think it should be illegal or anything, but nor should we have to hear about it 24/7 and nor should they receive any special treatment. It also shouldn't be forced on kids at school through sex ed. It should be taught that it is wrong but if people do it, it's not our place to discriminate. The health issues down the road will start revealing how unnatural and wrong it is.

    That political correctness though.... Question was, "is it wrong?" The obvious answer to anyone with logic or common sense is a resounding YES!!!

  • It is a problem.

    If "love is love" people should make no objections to an old man(60) n a young women(teens) being together. Because " love is love". And yet people still object to it even though it is more practical than homosexuality. What then is supposed to be the denial of homosexuality? Also, it is not very normal for people to b attracted to the same gender. If u take a look at all of nature, it has never occurred. The problem with the society today is that we are shaping these characteristics in our children and are fine with it

  • No, it's just different.

    Here are some common anti-gay arguments.

    Argument 1: A man was created for a women and vice-versa.
    Why it is nonsense: That would mean there is a 1:1 correspondence between men and women in all countries, and there isn't. In the US, there are more women than men, and throughout the world, there are more men than women.

    Argument 2: The purpose of life is making babies.
    Why it is nonsense: There are people in this world who don't want babies, don't like sexuality, prefer having dogs to children, or simply don't want to marry, yet no one checks them into the mental institution or says they have no reason to live.

    Argument 3: It is a choice.
    If it were a choice, would we even be having this whole debate? People would have simply changed themselves to straight out of pressure.

    Argument 4: Identical twin studies show only 10% of the time is a pair of identical twins gay, making it a choice.
    But 5% of the whole world is gay, meaning you are twice as likely to be one if you are an identical twin.

    Argument 5: Being around gays will make your kids gay
    Yeah, and being around tall people will make your kids tall.

    Argument 6: It's against Christianity.
    Don't be so sure that the religion you learned as a child growing up is the one true religion. There are literally thousands. Some of them promote the killing of gays, and others say nothing about them.

    It is time that people simply accepted this alternate way of life instead of trying to correct or shame it. They aren't harming or killing anyone. They aren't "spreading their gay" to children.

  • Only with the assertion....

    ....That homosexuality is genetic. It is not. To some degree *epigentics* can generate a *propensity* toward homosexual behaviour, but there is clear evidence of people with 'homosexual' epi-genes having never manifested homosexual behaviour. A scan of the entire genome has found no gene that can be linked to homosexuality. Even if it had, it would not exert enough influence over the biology to -make- you gay. Just as the gene linked to schizophrenia only caused schizophrenic behaviour in about 3% of the people who were tested for the gene (and even then it was easily remedied with counselling).

    Apart from that, go and be magnificently gay!

  • Homosexuality is perfectly natural.

    It's inborn, a matter of epigenetics. It is not a choice and it cannot be changed or "prayed away"- a reprehensible practice that has been shown to cause psychological harm,
    We see homosexuality in almost a thousand other species, people. It actually provides a survival advantage in cooperative or societal species to have a certain percentage of the population homosexual.

    And it doesn't affect anyone else, so why on Earth do these homophobes and anti-gay activists care so much? Homosexuality literally does nothing to them or their marriage. It affects them ZERO.

  • Its fine!!! Peoples choice

    Its fine, people can love who they want, i know humans are meant to be hetro, but think of it as a way population growth can slow. As long as no more than 59% of the population is gay, i dont care, if over 50% is then humanity might decline and we dont want that but yeah people can love who they want

  • No, homosexuality is not wrong.

    There is no logical reason to label homosexuality as "immoral" or wrong without using backwards religious ideologies. In response to the ignorant person who voted 'yes' on the subject... You are the one who is "messed up" for several reasons.

    ONE - Homosexual behavior has been documented in almost every know animal species on the planet. Some animals have also been known to 'switch genders' and mate with the same sex to reproduce.

    TWO - Just because two men or two women cannot reproduce, doesn't make it "wrong" or unnatural. Homosexuality cannot be unnatural because everything that exist in inherently natural.

    THREE - Nobody chooses their sexual orientation. Saying otherwise makes you look foolish.

    FOUR - Your religion is invalid and irrelevant. What you BELIEVE is not FACT.

    FIVE - You obviously do not understand "age of consent" laws. Children cannot legally consent to a romantic/sexual relationship with an adult, period. A homosexual relationship between two consenting adults is not comparable to an adult sexually abusing or taking advantage of a child at all.

    Ignorance and lack of education with get you nowhere in this argument. Educate yourself on a topic before you speak against it. You clearly know nothing about homosexuality and you are allowing your religious views to justify ignorance and bigotry.

  • What is the big deal?

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with being attracted to someone, either physically or emotionally. There is nothing wrong with loving someone, no matter what body they are in. Being gay is not unnatural, is not a "sin" (read the Bible looking specifically for anything about homosexuality), is not anything other than the attraction between two people of the same gender.

  • Right / Wrong is Relative

    I can't empirically prove that being gay is right or wrong. The entire concept of right and wrong is merely a matter of opinion. So I don't have much in the way of supporting my claim of NO here other than I just personally believe there's nothing wrong with being gay.

  • It cannot be wrong if it is natural

    If you think that it is a choice to be gay, then answer this key question:

    1. Did you choose to be straight? If yes, go to 2. If no, go to 3.

    2. So you have felt the urge to be with a same sex person, therefore it must be natural and you are simply suppressing your natural desires

    3. If you had no choice to be straight, why would anybody else have the choice?

  • I support it

    It's not wrong. People on the opposing side i see what you are saying about the religion piece of this but that is one religion out of thousands. In fact I am a christian and I'm a lesbian. My family is fine with it and no one wants to bludgeon me for being a lesbian. Second of all Saying that being a homosexusl is like saying hey your tall which means you suck. I feel like being homosexual is fine. Please all the opposing side think about what you have said snd how idiotic and stupid you sound

  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay.

    Love is Love. You cannot help being attracted to who you are attracted to. Honestly If you notice gay couples don't fight as much as straight couples, and thats why I think gay means happy. I think it is stupid to judge people based on their sexuality. Everyone is equal, everyone deserves to be treated equally. I think we all should accept gays because some people would rather die than be who they are, and I know how that feels, and it feels terrible. Imagine walking around the world pretending to be something you are not just to make others happy, when they don't care about your happiness. Also I hate it when people say "I don't like gays because my family is against it.", Thats so stupid to say because even I used to say it. You should have your own beliefs because you would not want others to judge you so don't do it to someone else. Also When people say they don't like gays because the bible says to.....Why paraphrase a book written 3500 years ago?

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