• Yes,there is real money involved in alternative fuels.

    Yes,there is real money to be made on alternative fuels.Like anything else if a person is smart enough they can find a way to monetize anythingJust like regular fuels,alternative fuels like solar and wind can be stored,measured.bought and sold on the open market so any wise investor should be interested.

  • Yes, I think there is money to be made in the alternative fuels industry.

    I believe Western Nations are quickly trying to move away from fossil fuels and towards alternative energy sources and this means the market for alternative energy companies will only increase in the upcoming years, I believe that many are unprofitable now but will quickly become profitable as the market starts to grow.

  • There is a market

    There is a market for nonpetroleum fuel. The market is not yet very large, but the demand is high and growing as people are tired of being victim to the price fluctuations, politics and environmental demand of gasoline use. So, those wanting to use alternative fuels are just waiting for the industry to deliver. This particular market has yet to boom.

  • Yes there really is

    Yes, there really is money to be made in alternative fuels industry. People are wanting to run their vehicles off of cleaner, cheaper fuels. They are sick and tired of being dependent on oil and gas all the time. Pretty soon they will have these cars running off of pure oxygen one day.

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