• Yes I say there is

    I think there is one true faith. It’s taught in the Bible that we ate gods chosen people and that he came to save us and that by following him we are following the one true faith. There are other faiths that claim to be true but I believe that the faith I’m following is the one true faith

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  • There is universally only one because

    We are all from the same genetic makeup. Ultimately, the global community are related to each other some way or the other. A universal faith exists and to follow it will be instinctively natural. The reason for many religions existing in the modern world is because most of them are man-made. They wish to earn reputation, wealth and followers that will feed their egotistical bloated guts. There is one God only, and therefore One Way only. It requires one to investigate without any prejudice to any religion. For example, people have a lot of assumptions on Islam and Qur'an - due to the media propagandist wing - yet they have not studied Islam nor read the Qur'an in context.

    Similarly, Christianity and Judaism. If one has to study these three Abrahamic religions one will find more similarities than differences. Somewhere in between lies the light of truth. It should be noted that Jews reject Jesus Christ, and Christians reject Muhammad. Whereas, Muslims accept Jesus Christ, Muhammad and Moses [peace be on all of them].

    As for other polytheistic religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism - then as for the psychological aspects they have similarities with the Abrahamic religions.

    Find the common platform. See which one encapsulates all

  • Only One Truth

    You can't say everyone has their own truth. If that were so, then what about when religions contradict? There can't be many gods yet one God and every plan of salvation can't be correct because they all differ. The truth isn't determined by beliefs. Everyone is seeking for the truth, but it doesn't mean we all have it because there's only one. Finding this one truth is more important than many people think because it is life changing and literally life determining. For example, many people don't believe in Christ. Let's say he wasn't God and the only answer for salvation, then so what? It wouldn't be a big deal if they believe or not, and that'd mean Christians were simply following a lie. But if Christ is God and He truly is our Saviour, a lot of people would have a lot of regrets and would be in major trouble. See, there's only one truth and we all need to find it.

  • The history contained in the New and Old Testament of the Bible shows that there is only one true faith.

    By objectively comparing the Bible to the other major religions, the answer becomes very clear.
    Even with the certain stories that we know today are fantastic myths, the Bible is still far superior. It lists the names and titles of key ancient officials, cities and villages. The ancient Hittites that are recorded in the Old Testament, was said to be an untruth for many years by academic skeptics, until archeology confirmed that these peoples actually did exist. There is so much more. Too much to list here.

  • Say I Have A Red Cloth

    I ask three people to tell me what they see. Please note that one has normal vision and the two others have varying degrees of colour blindness.
    Should I ask them to tell me what they see, one would say red, the other might say green and the other might say blue.
    None of them are lying, because it is in fact what they honestly see. But the cloth can only be one colour and it is red.
    The claims of one are in fact correct and the others, not. Even though they were being earnest in their answering, their claims are incorrect.

    I feel that religion is the same.

  • There isn't even enough proof to validate one of them.

    Anything we have come across regarding religion has been in a 2000 year old book written by other people. Just because the places in the story are real or that one or two people mentioned in the bible actually existed (other than Jesus, because people still haven't found his remains or any other text regarding him), doesn't mean the stories and deities actually existed.
    Looking at this from an ex catholic follower, people claim that religion is the basis for morality. This can easily be disproved as there are non-believers who have benevolent morals, not requiring a religion. There are also books in the bible for example, that entail to extreme violence against people that don't believe or people that don't fit the lifestyle "God" wants them to. A perfect reference of this would be in Psalm 137:9 "Happy is he who seizes your infants and dashes them into the rocks."
    How can we even be sure that there is one true religion if on top of being unable to prove the events to be real, the religious texts often contradict themselves?

  • Of course no.

    ''True faith'' is an oxymoron. Asking which faith is true is like asking which Harry Potter book is the most realistic. Humans make up religions to comfort themselves and to control other humans. ''Faith is believing what you know ain't so,'' said Mark Twain. Science is the best way to know how anything works, if not the only way.

  • No one spontaneously believes in god...

    The belief in any of the 'one true god's is taught, not attained spontaneously.
    No one on a deserted island would become 'muslim/jewish/christian/insert your flavour of deity here' & know the details of said religion.
    If there was 'one true god' he would of at least made an appearance to remove any doubt & 'save' anyone who's been indoctrinated into believing a 'false' religion.
    I believe religion is for controlling the gullible ;p

  • There isn't one

    Religions are a belief system. Evidence doesn't seem like it's required for people to believe. If someone said that Fairies created this Earth, and that's the one true faith, and that a special group of people who were chosen by Fairies to save this world, then that's as true as someone believing that God or the Spaghetti Monster selected them for the one true faith. Where's the evidence to prove any of this is true?

  • Nobody sees nothing

    All of the world's major religions hold great wisdom. Their truth claims differ, but not their idea about what morality is. All of the world's major religions; Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Sikhism, etc. have very similar ethical systems. They emphasize a morality of transcending the ego. Faiths such as Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Sikhism particularly emphasize an altruistic morality.

  • No there's not

    It's 2018, so.......
    This kind of thinking has no place in modern times, religious fanatics need to get over themselves and realize that in America everybody gets their representation (most of the time) All religions should be treated the same way, no laws in favor of, and no laws against.

  • No, it's ridiculous to think so.

    Everyone has the right to practise a Religion (with that religion being separate to the state and education etc) and to assume that there is one true religion is akin to saying there is one true race of people. Because of the lack of substantiated evidence in favour of Religion (or the existence of the Christian, Islam, Hindu, Jewish, Sikh etc Gods) no one has the right to debate another religious person on the veritability of their respective religious - it would be like debating whether there was an unseen teapot or an unseen Toaster between Earth and Mars with no evidence for either.

  • No one is correct

    There is not one true religion, simply because that statement would come from man, and as we all know man is flawed, and therefore the statement that only one path is correct, is false.
    If there really was one true faith, then it would be only that one, but there is many different faiths around the world, before either one of the major ones we have now. And, if one religion was true, it would be the original one, the first, that one predates Christianity and Islam, making both false faiths.
    The diversity of religions over the world, tells me that not a single one of them, is correct. But neither, are they incorrect. However, one should not stick to old fairytales, and base one's world view on those. If we were to take those tales, made up by people trying to make sense of the world, based on a limited understanding of the world, that didn't stretch beyond their cities, we would believe that the sky was made out of the skull of a giant, birds was unable to fly on their own, virgin maidens needed to be sacrificed to keep the oceans calm, needless to say that if we still believed those things our society would not be as advanced as today.
    As we evolve, religion should move forward and adapt as well, not to be used as a tool for mad men, claiming to be righteous, when their actions shows the complete opposite. So no, there is not one correct faith!

  • No there's not

    All religions teach noble ideas and were taught by great men. All of home were great in there own right. Taking into consideration that there have been many religious wars and borders have been forged on religious lines, the world's purpose will truly be achieved when there is no religious conflict.

  • No one spontaneously believes in god...

    The belief in any of the 'one true god's is taught, not attained spontaneously.
    No one on a deserted island would become 'muslim/jewish/christian/insert your flavour of deity here' & know the details of said religion.
    If there was 'one true god' he would of at least made an appearance to remove any doubt & 'save' anyone who's been indoctrinated into believing a 'false' religion.
    I believe religion is for controlling the gullible ;p

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