Is there really such a thing as an accidental pregnancy?

  • Semantics

    Saying that any unwanted pregnancy is not truly accidental is like saying that a car accident was not an accident because you decided to drive. Yes, anyone who decides to engage in intercourse always runs the risk of a pregnancy, and accidents happen. Like anyting in life, unplanned events (accidents) occur, despite our best intentions.

  • Um yes duh

    Of course there is such thing as accidental pregnancy. If a couple is consciously making an effort to not get pregnant, but their means of contraception fails them, that would be accidental.

    I can see the argument otherwise, that the act of sex means the couple knows there's a slight chance they can get pregnant but they decide to engage in intercourse regardless. but if they protect themselves, then how can anyone say there is no such thing as accidental pregnancy.

  • Please, this question is idiotic.

    Of course there are accidental pregnancies, just as there are accidental collisions between automobiles - or was it God's will that I backed into a post I couldn't see? What was He trying to tell me? Maybe it was my destiny! Give me a break!

  • At early stages of the development of a youth pretty much everything is "accidental"

    Is in the nature of a child to commit, at least, as many wrongs and writes -since, in ignorance- chances are equall, and solving of a problem is deduce from the results of experimentation. But childs are closely guide from their parents most of the time, minimizing, thus, the numbers of failures. Adolescence is the time when usually parents allow a longer rope to let the youth put into action what they are supposed to have learn from chilhood. But, by force of the dynamics of life there are lots of gaps and uncertanty unfullfilled. Lots of the undesired pregnancies occurs during this time.

  • Of course there is

    Some people (like teenagers) don't intend to get pregnant, but they do. You might say it's their fault for not using protection, or for deciding to have sex in the first place. Let's say the do use protection. What if the condom breaks, or the pill doesn't work? I would call that an accident.

  • Yes, Accidental Pregnancy Exists.

    I believe that there really is such a thing as an accidental pregnancy. For example, if a man and a woman have intercourse and use a condom and the woman is on the pill, but the condom breaks, there is still a small percentage of possibility that the woman would get pregnant by accident. This means it was not the intention of either person, but it happens anyways.

  • Yes some are...

    You can have sex using a condom and the condom can break or get a little hole in it without you knowing about it. You can get pregnant while you take birth control. Those are two examples of how you can have an accidental pregnancy. Now if you just forget to use a condom that's not accidental that's you being stupid.

  • Yes, some are

    There are accidental pregnancies. That is why birth control is so nesscary. Even people who are safe and are taking precautions can still get pregnant. We need to continue to educate people about the risks of sex and what it can do to your life. It is almost as dangerous as drugs if you are not being safe.

  • No it is not an accident

    An accident is something that happened that was totally unpreventable like a car that got hit by another oncoming vehicle because of their careless driving. Pregnancy happens when two consenting adults get together in the heat of passion knowing their risk. Birth control is not 100% effective but at 99% chance of not getting pregnant is pretty high. Moat birth control fail from improper usage.

  • No, no such thing as accidental pregnancies.

    Assuming that you are educated enough to know how pregnancy occurs, the decision to take no action to prevent it is the females. Whatever the events causing the potential pregnancy, the morning after pill is readily available in pharmacies, sex clinics, doctor’s surgeries. It is sad that society has let so many females get away with claiming that something which they chose not to prevent is an ‘accident’. In truth, many of them will admit to their confidantes (but not to the man and family at large) that there was no accident.

  • No not accidental

    I wouldnt really say getting pregnant would be accudental. By saying that, you're pretty much saying you didn't know the risks. But then in that case you probably shouldn't be having sex. What are you going too tell your child id he/she ever asks about it. That he/she was accidental. Ya you can say you got raped. But that doesnt make it any different.

  • Not really an accident

    Sex is made for reproduction so if you have sex that's the natural outcome of it. No contraception is 100% so even if you "protect yourself" you run a risk of an unwanted pregnancy therefore i dont belive it is ever an accident. It would only be an accident in my eyes when it's the result of abuse or rape becuase then you didn't willing in engage in a sexural act.

  • A series of decisions

    What happens often in this debate is emotions come in fast and hard. The question isn't really if pregnancies are accidental. With proper use of birth control, the chances of getting pregnant are exceptionally slim...Unless the woman goes on antibiotics. And most people don't know that antibiotics often counter the effects of the pill. The real question is is there such a thing as an accidental child and the answer is no. Having a child is a culmination of a series of decisions. Decisions a lot of women fly right past to have the child.

  • Kinda not really

    Yes if you have sex and don't intend to get pregnant you can say its accidental but in all honesty. Sex is an act intended for reproduction purposes only (in our biology) so by making the choice (in most circumstances) to perform an act naturally intended for reproduction then is it really an accident? Sex is not intended to be recreational its not intended for pleasure, it is solely for reproduction purposes. Thats what is naturally suppose to happen when you have sex so no. No pregnancies are accidental because that is what sex is intended for in our biology.

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