• I don’t see why any man would pretend to be gay.

    I can understand why a woman might pretend to be bi-sexual though: there’s nothing that attracts men more than the sight of a couple of hot chicks lezzing it up on the dance floor, but it doesn’t work that way with men. Also, it’s not worth having to watch Broadway musicals, having to learn flower-arranging and having to spending a fortune on cosmetics - let alone getting rammed from behind by another man - just to convince people you are a homosexual. And why would a man want to do that anyway? Gays don’t get that many privileges in life, indeed, they are actually discriminated against in some parts of the world.

  • Yes it does exist.

    Of course homosexuality exists, and there are millions of people that consider themselves homosexual to support this argument. Homosexuality exists in the animal kingdom as well; it's not just a 'human thing.' I recently saw a news clip that said there are parts of the brain that scientists have found that are actually different in a homosexuals brain, compared to a heterosexual person's brain.Homosexuality is not a new thing either. It has existed in many societies for thousands of years.

  • Yes, of course homosexuality exists

    Homosexuality has been as much a part of the human experience as heterosexuality. It exists in all cultures and, as far as we can tell from recorded history, in all times. Some people identify as homosexual because their sexual attraction is to the same sex, just as heterosexuals identify that way because they are attracted to the opposite sex. Indeed, homosexuality is even in evidence in other mammals as well. It is a natural place on the spectrum of human behavior, just as heterosexuality is.

  • Yes, in the animal world as well as our history

    Homosexual relationships have been described in nearly every animal species on the planet. In fact, there is a popular children's book based upon 2 homosexual penguins raising a chick, which was an actual occurrence at a zoo. In addition, historical depictions of ancient Greece, such as Sparta, as well as Roman history, show that men often had sex with other men.

  • Yes, same sex attraction has always existed in the world.

    Homosexuality is a very real state of being for some people. Same sex attraction has always been a part of society even if it was not discussed or discouraged. Today, many societies around the world are more accepting of homosexuality, but it has always existed. Arguments that assert otherwise are baseless.

  • Yes, because people say so.

    Yes, there really is such a thing as homosexuality, because a person is homosexual just by saying so. The other way to be a homosexual is by engaging in homosexual behavior. People have heterosexual sex all the time without being super into it, the same can be true for homosexual activity.

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