• Anything Is Possible

    To be honest anything could be possible really. There really are a lot of signs out there like stone hinge for example. Not saying there is an actual God but something that created us like maybe an ancient civilization. There really are theories that prove this some may call aliens

  • You are the divine being

    All life contains the divine being, And its up to you to follow the right path and to read the ancient instruction books of life and learn as much true knowledge as possible Keep away from the evil that dulls the divine spirit within. The cleaner the heart the purer the divine spirit, The better life becomes.

  • There is no evidence.

    Is a devine being possible? Maybe. Can we know with 100% certainty whether or not one exists? No. But we have rational thought and probability, And those are how you answer the question. The facts are there is zero legitimate pieces of evidence for divinity, You necessarily must commit logical fallacies in order to believe, The burden of proof is one the one claiming there to be divinity, And it is an extraordinary claim, Which requires extraordinary evidence. Replace divine being with the Easter Bunny. We can't say for certain, But the probability is so low that it is appropriate to say that the Easter Bunny does not exist.

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