Is there room for movement in the abortion debate?

Asked by: TBR
  • Yes, Where Life Begins

    The room for movement exists in the question of precisely when does life begin. If the scientific community were to explicitly state where life (meaning human consciousness) begins, then abortion could be legally sanctioned up until that point in development. Beyond this point, however, abortion should be illegal, and perceived as taking a life.

  • Only those involved should have a say

    The decision to abort or not should be made by the to be parents and only them. And in fact to an extent,the one baring the fetus. Would you rather people on purposely harm themselves (or worse getting harm because abortion is illegal) to have a miscarriage? Would you rather the unwanted baby be born and abandoned or neglected?


  • The baby killed is a human being

    First of all deacc you said the people involved should decide. Well I think the baby being murdered is just as involved as the parents and so it's violating against a human being's rights and allowing the murder of an innocent child just so a selfish woman who was irresponsible enough to have unprotected sex without wanting a child can live a carefree life where she doesn't need to worry about children. I am sorry but it's murder, the life of a human starts at fertilisation.

  • Is there room for movement in the abortion debate?

    I’m going flat out on this one. My father was an OBGYN and abortion provider from the earliest of days after Roe Wade until his death in 2004. In that time I have observed tacks change on each side (most on pro-life), but never movement. Basically an endless fruitless debate.

    Looking on the debate forum, there is rarely NOT an open abortion debate. Often an incredibly broad question like “is abortion OK”. They make me twitch. Does anyone honestly expect they can offer anything unique to the debate like that? Does the pro-life participant think pro-choice participant doesn't know you think abortion is killing?

    The question then is. Is there anything you can imagine that would move the debate? Anything at all. God’s voice booming from the sky saying “abortion is good”, or “abortion is bad”? Scientific near-certainty about some facet of embryonic development? Anything at all. What might shake your position?

    Posted by: TBR
  • Abortion is necessecary for the human race to survive.

    If at a time when over-population is looking to be an issue in the near future, any sane person wants to try to ban abortion, then I would become very confuse do. Abortion is a good thing, and the practice should be continued (obviously, once the fetus has grown to a certain point, it must be allowed to live, but otherwise, I'm right, you're wrong. And I accept no other opinions).

  • There is no room.

    It is not the woman's body. It is not their life either. They have no right to dictate the fate of a human being that cannot decide nor have a say in any decision regarding his life. I am a Christian, and I believe that God created each human being unique and in his image. It is wrong to murder something created fearfully and wonderfully be God.

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